Types of Garage Doors

types of garage doors

Depending on their needs and preferences, homeowners can choose from many types of garage doors. Garage car doors are different based on the material they are made of and how they open and close. Homeowners also consider the aesthetic value and the theme they want to create in their home when choosing a suitable garage door.

Types based on operating mechanics

The canopy up-and-over is a popular garage door. The door protrudes forming a canopy when open. The canopy up-and-over door can both be opened and closed manually or by the use of a remote mechanism. Unlike other types of garage doors, this type allows room for a wide drive through.

The retractable up-and-over garage door resembles the canopy up-and-over. The contrast is in the location of the arms that raise the door and the drive through space.

The sectional garage door and the roller shutter garage door are the most popular options available to homeowners. The doors can be brought up and down using remote control operation.

Unlike the other first two garage doors, these offer the owner more security. There are round cornered, side hinged, silvelox and many other types of garage doors that modern homeowners can choose based on their operating mechanics.

Types based on the type of material

Homeowners can get steel garage doors. Steel garage doors are usually painted or designed with a composite material finish.

Wood garage doors have various kinds of wood including Meranti, Cedar, Fir and Redwood. Wood garage doors can also be painted to match the house or factory colors.

Homeowners can also get wood composite garage doors that usually have a frame made of wood and sheets of fiberboard. The composite wood doors have realistic details making them appear like real wood.

Manufacturers also make garage doors from fiberglass and steel. The fiberglass garage door has polyurethane insulation. You can get aluminum frame doors and Vinyl doors for your garage.

Homeowners should consult professionals to help them select the best garage door that suits their taste and type of house. With proper installation and maintenance, a garage door will maintain its high quality for longer. Call Precision Overhead Garage Door of San Luis Obispo for more information!

Commercial Garage Door Options

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Commercial garage doors are part of your business as well as your building, which is why choosing the right door is so important. Durability, functionality, appearance and being able to handle the flow of business, as well as proper installation and maintenance are commercial garage door options to consider.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Metal doors are durable, low maintenance, and very functional. They add a level of security to your business and are commonly seen on fire stations, municipal buildings and warehouses in the traditional panel style. Metal doors are often less expensive than other commercial door types and are versatile enough to allow customization that matches the look of your business.

Roll up doors have stainless steel mesh and aluminum frames, and some are fire-rated to stop flames and smoke from spreading if there is a fire. That is a level of protection any business owner can appreciate. Commonly seen in warehouses, condominiums and storage facilities, roll up garage doors are extremely durable and simple to operate. They can be more expensive than some other commercial garage doors. They can also be a challenge to install, which is why anyone choosing roll up doors needs to hire an experienced and competent professional installer.

Full-view garage doors are contemporary, modern and stylish, and they are designed to show off a business, which is why they are so popular with automobile dealerships, service stations and other businesses looking for higher visibility. In addition to looking good and allowing in large amounts of natural light, these mostly glass doors are very durable. Buyers can easily customize the color and glass to suit their tastes.

Professional Help

Whatever style of garage door suits your business needs, it is important to have professionals available for proper installation and maintenance. A garage door’s condition and operation is affected by hot and cold weather, direct sunlight and other factors, including wear and tear. So, when problems come up, a professional can evaluate it and determine the best solution. By having an experienced and certified professional on board, you can get the most life out of the commercial garage door you have chosen for your business.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Home

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Shopping for a new home is an exciting time for many prospective buyers. Looking at a lot of different floor models and neighborhoods for that right house can often seem a little surreal. Sometimes buyers will jump on the first home they see with little regard to potential issues that deserve further investigation. Often this sort of impulsive approach to buying a home ends in disaster as the home turns out to be a huge money pit. To avoid this outcome, it is important to go into a purchase with both eyes open and to be a critical consumer. The following are a few things to consider before making that down payment a reality.

The State of the Foundation

A house is only as solid as the foundation on which it rests. If the foundation of a home shows significant signs of wear or cracking, this can be a sign that the home in question has deeper problems you should worry about becoming expensive problems. Since a cracked foundation can allow water to seep in under the house, this makes it possible for further foundation erosion or mold damage to take hold.

Facing the Street

Since a lot of homes have a garage that faces the street, the garage door is typically one of the main features that people first notice as they approach a house. The surface of this entry may be splintered or stripped of paint. Worse, it may be in serious need of repair to be able to open and shut correctly. Sometimes this will call for the replacement of key components or an entirely new garage door installation. Either way, a new door for the garage can be a huge part of giving that new home purchase the face lift it needs to really look great. Call Precision Overhead Garage Door Service today to learn more about your options.

The Sewer System

Nothing can cause nightmares with a new home purchase quite like sewage system problems. Knowing if your home is on city sewage or if it has a buried tank is important for determining the level of maintenance the home owner will have to be concerned with after they begin occupying the home. Have roots obstructed the drainage flow or is it free of obstructions is another important issue to consider. Fortunately, a quick scoping out of the homes drains can reveal a lot about how serious of a problem a home buyer will face in this area of concern.


While buying a new home can be a life changing decision, homes under consideration can be riddled with a number of hidden problems. For this reason it is generally a good idea to have a home inspected before settling into a contract. The right home for purchase should never have more issues than a prospective buyer is prepared to take on and fix to ensure their home will be a functional living space.

Typical Garage Door Repair Needs

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Garage door systems can sometimes be rather finicky and fussy. If the garage door on your property has been making an abundance of loud and persistent sounds, there’s a strong chance that it requires professional repair work. Since garage door systems are rather complex and intricate, a variety of different things can go wrong with them. Garage doors often fail to work out of the blue due to incorrect track alignment, faulty transmitters and problematic springs. They frequently fail to work due to obstruction issues, too. If your garage door simply refuses to shut fully, that could mean that something is in its way. A large trash receptacle is an example of an object that could be interfering with the smooth functioning of your garage door system.

Garage Repairs

People who need assistance with common garage door repairs can breathe easy. That’s because Precision Overhead Garage Door Service is on hand to help. Precision is a trusted company that focuses on all different kinds of garage door service needs. Our technicians are skilled and experienced garage door system experts. They can aid you with all types of garage door concerns. Some of their many specialties include defective cables, defective springs, remote control issues, problematic brackets, excessively sluggish functioning, broken tracks, broken panels and broken rollers. If something is wrong with your garage door system, you can count on our dependable technicians 110 percent. They’re seasoned professionals who help customers with larger garage door system concerns. They help them with smaller ones as well. There’s no garage door service need that can stump our talented professionals. They can do it all for you.

If you notice anything unusual about the running of your garage door system, get in contact with our local firm without a second of hesitation. Prompt professional repair work can often stop garage door problems from becoming more complex, time-consuming and overwhelming. Typical signs of garage door system problems include:

* Oddly slow door responses.

* Failure to shut or open.

* Odd drooping areas on doors.

* Rises in monthly energy bills.

* Strangely noisy garage doors.

Call us today if anything about your garage door seems out of the ordinary. Precision Overhead Garage Door Service is available 24 hours to aid customers. We accommodate the service needs of clients located in Santa Maria, Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo. Call us today!