Garage Lighting Strategies for Shop Projects


The process of tackling shop-related activities in a garage will be much easier after proper lighting is installed throughout the space. Bright, bold fixtures are beneficial and practical because they effectively illuminate areas in a garage where conventional lighting products can’t reach.

Lighting Considerations for Shop Projects in a Garage

Traditional lighting configurations in an average garage are efficient, but they don’t give mechanics and shop technicians any strategic benefits during complex projects. In order to tackle automotive repairs, wood shop tasks, and other jobs in a garage effectively after your new garage San Luis Obispo is complete, proper lighting must be installed in key locations where brightness is usually low.

Entry Lights

If you like to buy shop supplies during the night, entryway lights with a motion sensor can help you haul everything into the garage in a safe manner. These lights don’t increase home energy costs because they run on solar power.

Storage Lights

In a typical garage, standard lighting fixtures don’t successfully shine light onto shelves that are positioned in the corner of the space. By investing in LED tape lights, you’ll have no problems finding wrenches, hammers, bolts, and other items that are always stored on lowly lid shelves.

If you need more illumination on the lowest shelves, considering installing a motion sensor light on the wall on the area. Motion sensor lights that are designed for interior use require a battery and shine bright white light for several seconds.

Work Space Lights

Because light bars shine brightly directly onto a work space, you can boost safety by placing these fixtures underneath the cabinets where sharp tools are stored. Light bars emit crisp, bright light that can illuminate a prep area for nearly 50,000 hours.

How to Eliminate a Foul Smell in a Garage


When garage doors are installed, the technicians must take their time to ensure a high level of safety. Delays typically occur when a garage is stinky, which is why strategic steps must be followed to eliminate odors before an installation project is in progress.

How to Eliminate Garage Odors Before an Installation Project

Very strong fumes and harsh smells can drive anyone out of a garage. If you’d like to make the garage door installation process easier for the technicians, you must implement several procedures before the crew arrives to install a new garage.

Pinpoint the Odor

In order to get rid of the odor, you must figure out where the smell is emitting in the garage. Usually, garbage cans generate the harshest, strongest smells in a garage that doesn’t have proper ventilation. If a smell is strange and foul, something in a drain may be emitting the odor. Mildew can give a garage an odd odor as well; a garage could have a mildew problem if the space is damp.

Destroy the Smell

Once you’ve found the item that’s causing the odor, grab a wheel barrel and transport every item out of the area. Then, cleanse and deodorize the space with a strong cleanser or a commercial-grade disinfectant. If mold is causing the odor, you’ll need to scrub the garage thoroughly with water and bleach.

Garbage cans that are foul should be cleansed with a cleanser that’s also a deodorizer. After the solution is sprayed into the cans, close the lid so that the chemicals can soak into the bacteria and eliminate the odor.

Harsh odors in drains usually emit from substances that are found in the pipes. By using baking soda and water, you’ll eliminate the smells effectively.

The Reasons Why Garage Doors Stick Open or Closed and How to Fix Them


Garage doors with an automatic opener should immediately respond when you push the button or flip the switch to activate the opener. If the door seems to stick momentarily in the open or closed position before it begins to move, it could have a mechanical or electrical fault that requires attention.

Three Reasons Why Garage Doors Stick When Open or Closed

If your garage door seems to stick open when you want to close it or closed when you want to open it, the door could have a mechanical problem or electrical issue. There are many different parts involved that could need repairs or replacement. You can try these troubleshooting steps and contact your San Luis Obispo garage service if the door is still having problems.

Lack of Lubricant

Over time, the lubricant on the garage door’s wheels may become ineffective. This can happen during periods of extremely hot or cold weather, especially when the metal tracks of the garage door expand and contract in response to the temperature changes. Determine which type is appropriate based upon the materials of your garage door. Apply it to the door’s wheels as directed.

Electronic Issues

Your garage door may delay opening or closing because of electrical issues with the door’s sensor. Dirt or dust on the safety sensor may also cause the door to not open or close as directed. The batteries in your garage door’s remote control may need to be replaced. The opener’s radio frequency could be experiencing interference with a neighbor’s garage door.

Uneven Hanging

Your garage door may have been improperly installed if it has always experienced problems with getting stuck opening or closing. If it is a new problem, the spring could be stretched or loose. The spring could also be worn out, causing it to lose tension. This causes one side of the door to drop lower than the other, causing problems for the opener. One of the door’s cables may be loose or damaged, causing one side of the door to hang unevenly. Springs and cables can be replaced.

Why Your Older Garage Door Moves Unevenly and What You Can Do About It


Garage doors should open and close evenly and smoothly. If your door is opening or closing more quickly on one side than the other or is doing a lot of shaking as it moves, there could be a mechanical problem that requires a repair or replacement of a part.

Three Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Shaking While Opening

When you open or close your garage door with the automatic opener, it should move smoothly and without shaking or shimmying. If you notice unusual movements or one side of the door is higher than the other, you will need to arrange for a garage door repair San Luis Obispo. One or more parts of the garage door or opener system may need to be replaced.

Debris in the Tracks

When your garage door is shaking or moving unevenly during the opening or closing process, it could be because of dirt or debris in the tracks. Turn off the power to the garage door’s opener and use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe off the tracks and the door’s wheels. Restore power to the opener and open and close the door.

Damaged Springs

A worn, loose or damaged spring may cause one side of the door to be higher than the other. Each spring should be of the same length and thickness when relaxed. You can measure the springs and check to see if any of their mounting hardware has come loose. Any repairs to the damaged springs should be left to professional repair technicians. Worn springs should be replaced before they fail.

Faulty Motor

Some garage door openers have a motor for each side of the tracks. If one of the motors is beginning to fail, it could operate more slowly. The motor may also need to be lubricated or cleaned of debris. If the motors were not replaced at the same time and one has a different horsepower than the other, this can also cause one side of the door to move more slowly. Garage door opener motors should only be repaired or replaced by an experienced technician.