Good Reasons to Get Rid of Unsightly Garage Door Dents


The Case for Fixing Garage Door Dents

Most types of garage doors are susceptible to getting dents in them. While you may not worry too much about the ones on your garage door, they may need to be fixed right away. In addition to looking bad, even a small dent can grow over time, which may cause secondary problems if the weather turns cool and rainy.

Dents Don’t Make Your Home Look Good

If your garage door has a dent in it, it may be one of the first things that people see when they come over to your house. Whether you are having friends over to watch the game, family over for a holiday dinner or clients over for a meeting, you want to make a good impression. In the event that you are putting your home on the market, a dented garage door can reduce the odds that a person wants to buy your home or will make a full price offer.

Dents Can Lead to Bigger Problems

Over time, a dent can grow and start to weaken the structural integrity of the door. In some cases, the door may not open or close properly. In others, it may start to eat away at the door’s material, which could leave it vulnerable to pest or water damage. Garage doors that don’t open or close properly may also have a harder time regulating air flow into your home, which could lead to higher heating or cooling bills throughout the year.

Make Home Improvement a Priority

Repairing your garage door should be as big of a priority as fixing your roof or mowing your lawn each week. Speaking with a garage door repair San Luis Obispo provider may help you accomplish that goal. Whether you choose to repair or replace your door, fixing an ugly dent may help to protect the investment made in your home.

Keyless Remote Entry for Garage Doors

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What is a Keyless Garage Door Entry System?

A keyless remote lets you open your garage door by entering a code on keypad mounted on your garage. They work the same as your keychain, visor clip remote, or programmable in-vehicle remote. Keypad openers can be wireless remote or can be wired to your garage door opener. Keypads need batteries just like your portable remote opener.

Some people get a false sense of security from seeing a keypad on their garage doors. Keyless entry is not a security system, although some systems come with options to add layers of security like a panic button or one-touch dialing for emergency services.

Types of Garage Door Keypads

Garage door opener manufactures offer keypad remotes as accessories for their brand of garage door. You can also buy a universal keypad remote that will work on several garage door brands. Whether you choose a manufacturer specific or universal remote, look for features that are convenient for you and work well with your garage access location. One common type is the flip-top keypad. Some have a sliding cover or pull-down keypad. These keep buttons secured and protected from the elements.

Pros and Cons of Keyless Entry

Some keyless garage door openers allow you to program multiple codes into the keypad. That is a great way to rid yourself of housekeys. You and your family can get into the house even when you forget your keys at home.

The keypad is attached to your garage, so you don’t have to carry a remote around. That’s a plus if you use a keychain garage door remote and tend to lose your keyring or leave it behind after a long day at school or work.

If you have house guests, you can assign them a special code and then deactivate it once they’re gone. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that no one has extra keys to access your home when you don’t want them to.

On the downside, using a keyless garage door entry system means there’s one more code or pin number you’ll have to remember. Since the keypad opener is mounted outside, your keypad is prone to weather damage and vandalism. If your keypad has a limited number of codes you can program, that means that some users will have to share a code. So, if you must change a code to eliminate one person’s access, everyone will have to remember a new code.

Keyless is Convenience

If you’re building a new garage in San Luis Obispo, or just replacing your existing garage door, consider adding a keypad opener for extra convenience. It’s worth the investment because you’ll save time and money waiting for a contractor to open your garage door or waiting for a locksmith to get you inside your home.

When to Install a Garage Door on Your Home


Signs You Need a New Garage Door

The garage door is one of the most important parts of a home and determines how quickly you can access your belongings or park your car inside. Over time, the door can begin to deteriorate due to age or damage. There are a few critical signs to look for to determine when it’s time to install a new product with the help of a professional.

Frequent Repairs

Although garage doors need repairs from time to time, you may be spending a significant amount of money making frequent repairs throughout the year with a San Luis Obispo garage service company. If you are always calling a maintenance specialist to fix the track or work on the automated remote, it’s a sign that it may be time to install a new door. Although you may not want to invest in a new garage door, you’re likely spending more money fixing the product each month. You can also reduce the risk of injury by adding a new garage door that has fewer issues that develop.

Old Age

Garage doors that are older should be replaced after several decades when they become an eyesore or are in bad condition. Many garage doors can become dented or weak due to deterioration. They can also detract from the quality of your home’s curb appeal if they look outdated, especially when you’ve renovated other parts of the house. Consider installing a new door that looks beautiful and will also boost the value of your home. You can feel proud to show off the building and even make it stand out on the market when you sell it in the future.

Loud Noise

Your garage door may still work well but can cause a significant amount of noise when it’s in use, which can often be heard inside of the home. Many homeowners dread using the product and resort to parking outside to avoid hearing the cranking or squeaking of the parts when the garage door opens and closes. If you dread using the garage door, it may be time to install a new product that is quiet and won’t draw attention to your property. The door should run smoothly and be easy to operate without the parts shaking or being unstable when they’re in use.

Add Personality to Your New Garage Door by Choosing the Right Color


How to Choose the Right Garage Door Color

A new garage door installation in San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, or Paso Robles is a great opportunity to add value and style to your home. As one of the most prominent features on a home, a garage door is definitely something that will get noticed. Make a good first impression on passersby while also boosting the value and character of your home by choosing the right color for your new garage door. Here are some tips to consider.

Use Your Exterior Colors as a Guide

A new garage door can serve a perfect complement to your home’s other exterior features. If you’re not sure where to start with your garage door color selection, use your other exterior colors as a guide. For instance, garage doors in San Luis Obispo that are a clean, crisp shade of white can make a home with neutral shades of beige or gray seen even brighter. On the other hand, a door that’s a different color can provide a nice visual enhancement to a home with an entirely white exterior.

Decide How Much Attention You Want

Newly installed Santa Maria garage doors can be an instant attention grabber if they are a sharp, bold shade of red, blue, or green. If you don’t want to call all that much attention to your garage door, consider matching it to the color of your home instead. If you have brick exteriors, brighter shades can serve as a nice contrast. Darker colors can help you make a bolder, more sophisticated statement.

Explore Natural Color Shades

A new Paso Robles garage door can be made of a variety of materials. If you’re really stuck on a color choice, consider natural shades based on your preferred material. For example, a wood grain garage door can be stained lighter or darker, depending on whether you prefer warmer hues or more dramatic shades. Finally, remember you can also infuse some added personality into your garage door by choosing a contrasting or complementary color for the frame.