Signs It’s Time to Get a New Garage Door


Repairing or Getting a New Garage Door

Homeowners know that their garage door will not last forever. As a general rule, the door will have a useful life of 15 to 30 years. However, it is important to note that other components such as a spring or the garage door opener will need to be replaced every five years or so. Here are some guidelines that homeowners can use to determine if it’s time to get a new garage door.

Is the Door Severely Damaged?

If the door has a significant dent or has been subject to many extremely cold winters, it may be damaged beyond repair. Even if a garage door can be repaired, it may be less expensive to put a new one on instead of fixing the existing structure. Garage doors that are made from materials that aren’t conducive to extreme temperatures of excess moisture may be likely to need repairs again in the near future. Replacing a door with something more suited for the local environment may keep maintenance costs down both now and into the future.

Will the Home Be Sold Soon?

Those who are planning on selling their home should provide buyers with every reason to make a purchase offer. Putting on a new garage door can provide curb appeal as well as take one project off of a buyer’s to-do list upon moving in. Potential sellers should also consider that a new garage door properly installed can also do a better job securing a home against intruders. This is because it will open and close properly and only when the homeowner tells the door to open or close.

Homeowners May Have Many Options Available

Working with a new garage San Luis Obispo provider may make it possible for homeowners to find a door that meets their needs and budget. It may also be possible to visit a showroom or schedule an appointment to learn about all the styles and colors that may be available to those looking for a new garage door.

Three Tips to Prevent Garage Door Injuries


Three Tips to Avoid Garage Door Accidents

Your garage door is one of the most important machines in your home. Think about it, you use it at least twice a day just from going to work. If you have a family, you are probably in and out all the time. A lot of the injuries sustained as the result of a garage door accident happen to small children, making them especially disastrous.

If you are like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about your garage door very often. While this isn’t usually going to a problem, you can never be too safe when it comes to your children. The following are three things you can do to make sure your garage area is as safe as possible.

Avoid Doing Repairs Yourself

If your garage door is having issues, hire a San Luis Obispo garage service. While garage door repair seems simple, the springs have a very high tension and can cause extreme injury and even death in some cases. This isn’t a job for an amateur.

To ensure its safety, have your garage door regularly inspected according to the maintenance schedule set forth in the manufacturer’s warranty. On top of keeping it safe, this will also make sure that the repairs included in the coverage stay that way. If there are issues, always have it repaired by a professional.

Keep the Opener Somewhere Safe

Your garage door opener is not a toy. Whether you are in the house or in the car, it should be kept out of the reach of your children, especially if they are small. An alarming number of garage door accidents have been caused because the garage door opener was being controlled by a small child or someone who shouldn’t have it. This doesn’t just mean the opener in the car. You should also make sure the wall button in the garage is high enough that you children can’t reach it until they are responsible enough to do so.

Stay Clear of the Door

Stay clear of the door during the time when it is opening or closing. For obvious reasons, this the time when most injuries occur. If you have kids running around and playing in your yard in the summer, keep it closed. The chances of an injury occurring are much lower if it is accidentally opened than if it is accidentally closed.

Families with small children are the most at risk when it comes to garage door accidents. Be sure to be as vigilant as possible when you are near it with your kids. Also, be sure your kids understand just how dangerous your garage door can be.

How to Get Your Garage Door Repairs Done Quickly

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Services That Come With Professional Garage Door Repairs

You may take your garage door’s proper function for granted until it is no longer working. When your door is off track or fails to go up and down as normal, you do not need to do the repair work yourself. You can have it fixed today when you hire professional garage door repair services.

Replacing Broken Springs and Coils

By hiring professional techs trained in garage door repair in San Luis Obispo, homeowners like you get access to services of which you might not have been previously aware. Depending on what type of garage door repairs are needed, you could watch the techs as they remove faulty garage door springs, coils, and other components and replace them with parts that are brand new. The new parts could restore the function of your garage door and spare you from having to buy a new door for your garage.

Garage Door Track and Cable Alignments

One of the most common malfunctions with garage doors occurs when the door goes off track. An off-track garage door is impossible to raise and lower. It may not move at all when you pull on the handle or use the door remote control. In many instances, homeowners like you do not have the skill or physical strength to realign the track or manipulate the garage door cables to get it back on track. You may have no option but to call a professional garage door repair service to get your door back on its track and working as it should.

Safety Inspections for Garage Doors

When you have pets and kids, one of your biggest fears might involve one of them getting caught under the garage door as it lowers. An automated door can be difficult or impossible to lift off someone or something that is caught underneath it. Rather than live with this fear, you can have your door inspected for safety malfunctions. The company can install a safer model or make any repairs to your garage door to enhance its safety. This service can help allay your fears and put your mind at ease.