Three Important Reasons To Winterize Your Garage Door

Even in generally warm and sunny California, it is still necessary to prepare for a seasonal change in the weather. During the wintertime, the weather can be wild and variable. Winds, rain and rapid shifts in temperature can all wreak havoc on your property, including the garage door. Now is an ideal time of the year to arrange for San Luis Obispo garage service and to get your garage door ready for the winter weather.

Reduce Cracks and Tears

The hot, dry air of the summertime may have cracked the rubber weather stripping around the sides and bottom of the garage door. Loss of lubrication and dirt accumulation are also common. Damaged weather stripping could cause excessive wear and tear on the garage door, leading to rough impacts and an increased exposure to dust, dirt, debris, wind and rain. Having your garage door winterized by a technician will help to prevent excessive garage opener noise.

Minimize Weather Damage

The hot, dry summer weather may also have caused small cracks in the garage door’s panels or around its windows. A weatherization visit from the garage door technician includes inspecting for such cracks and repairing them with a filler material, caulk or other restorative materials. Replacing the weather seal also reduces moisture, dirt and dust infiltration and damage. This helps to minimize weather damage to the door and to the contents of your garage.

Extend the Lifespan of the Door

Winterizing the garage door also helps it last longer. Preventive maintenance actions, such as lubricating the springs, help to minimize corrosion caused by exposure to rain and wind. Removing dried-out caulk or replacing missing weather stripping helps to stop cracking, rotting, warping and other types of damage to the garage door’s panels, frame and windows. By getting the door ready for the winter weather, it will be less likely to unexpectedly malfunction.

Three Reasons to Get Your Garage Door Repaired Promptly

Many people are tempted to put off the repair of a broken garage door. Whether it’s to avoid hiring a garage door repair service in San Luis Obispo or simply because they feel the door is fine so long as it moves, delaying needed repairs can be dangerous. Many homeowners are not aware of the potential for rust, injury, and the necessary parts becoming hard to find.

To Prevent Rust

Arguably, the biggest danger to putting off a garage door repair is a buildup of rust. Garages are generally dark, damp places that are susceptible to rust. It can build up to such an extent that it causes the mechanism to stick. If this happens, the repair bill will be much higher than it needs to be. In extreme cases, the entire garage door mechanism might need replacing.

To Save Yourself Exertion

If your garage door isn’t working, you’ll need to open and close it by hand if you want to access your garage. This can be very physically taxing, as garage doors are quite heavy. This is especially true if you have a large garage or if the wheels and rails of the mechanism are not properly oiled. You may even be at risk of injury. Some people have been hurt opening or closing a garage door, and the door fell on them. Most newer garage doors have a mechanical failsafe to prevent this from happening, but you don’t want to take any chances.

To Make Sure Parts Are Easy to Find

If you put off your repair for an extended period of time, you may find that your garage door parts are hard to find. They may need to be special ordered, which will cost more and take longer. This is especially true if your garage door is already several years old. You may be able to go online and buy parts to ship to your home, but this will take time out of your day. The parts may also be more expensive if you go this route, as companies that order parts in bulk often get better prices.

Top Home Renovations That Help With Resale Value


Best Ways to Enhance the Resale Value of Your Home

Once you’ve purchased a house, you can leave it as is and eventually sell it for around the same price you bought it for. Alternately, you can make alterations and renovations to the home that will boost its long-term value, earning you more money if you ever decide to put it on the market. However, you don’t want to waste your time on renovations that don’t add much to the value of your home. That’s why you should focus on some of these more popular renovations and additions.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are by far the most popular and valuable changes that can be made to your existing home, and there are plenty of cost-effective ways that you can improve these rooms. If you want the best possible price for your property, it’s essential that your kitchen and bathroom have a stylish and modern appearance. This means that you should consider having your cabinets refinished and painted. You’ll also want to make sure that the floor is slip-resistant and the counters have rounded edges in order to ensure safety for children. Marble counter tops are particular favorites for kitchens, although they might be expensive. As for your bathroom, consider replacing any fixtures with something more elegant and stylish. Your bathroom tile might also need to be replaced. One popular and timeless look is bathroom tile in a checkered pattern.

Exterior Renovations

You need to make a great first impression when placing your house on the market, which is why you should consider making exterior renovations. Paint all trim work, power wash all the siding around your home, install outdoor lighting if none currently exists, create or spruce up your garden, and consider adding shutters to the home. You’re also going to want to look at your yard to make sure that there are no holes or areas without much grass.

Garage Addition

Though costly, the addition of a garage to your house can be highly beneficial for boosting the value of your home. Not only will you be able to protect your vehicles while you live there, but you’ll also be prepared for the fact that many prospective home buyers consider a garage a must-have item. The garage can be attached or detached and can be made in any style that you want. When adding a new garage in San Luis Obispo, there are plenty of places you can go to select a high-quality door for your garage.

How to Modernize Your Garage Before Putting Your Home Up for Sale


Take Care of Your Garage Before Selling Your Home

Selling your Vegas home can happen so quickly that you don’t even have time to pack your things, but it can also take so long that you find yourself struggling to pay two mortgages. While there are different things you can do to sell your home faster and get bigger offers, you may want to start with an upgrade to your garage.

Add Storage

One of the first things that home buyers look for in new homes is the amount of available storage. Even if you rarely stored anything in your garage, adding some new storage options can make the space more appealing and lead to buyers making larger offers. Good storage options include racks that hang from the ceiling for storing bicycles and shelving units that you use to hold cleaning supplies and holiday decorations.

Change the Door

One of the easiest ways to update your garage is with a new, modernized door. This is especially important for buyers who have full-time jobs and other obligations because they will spend a lot of time coming and going. Companies that specialize in garage door installation can help you select doors that work with the style of your home. The doors can have several windows across the front that let natural light into the garage or act as a security feature.

Clean Out the Clutter

Never schedule a single open house without first clearing out the clutter in your garage. Clutter makes it harder for buyers to imagine their own items in the space. You can use a storage unit to hold boxes and other items until you move and hold a yard sale to get rid of the things you keep in the garage that you don’t need. When your garage looks more appealing, buyers will want to purchase your home.

Should You Have a Glass Garage Door?


Should You Have a Glass Garage Door?

These days, many homeowners want to maximize the amount of living space they have in their residence. People want to turn their backyard space into an extension of the kitchen and living room. Homeowners want to enjoy their outside space year-round. Glass garage doors act as a great way for you to do just that. With all-glass garage doors, you can extend perfect summer nights and make them last well into the final months of the year.

The Benefits of Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors can work well for turning your backyard into a fun, summer-friendly recreational space. You can even use the glass doors for more than just your garage. High-quality glass garage doors can get attached to other wood structures. Homeowners can use one or two doors for this particular purpose.

With an all-glass garage door, you can create a beautiful, inviting kitchen or make an extension of your living room. You can place the garage door next to your for parties or when you need to watch your children in the pool, but don’t want to go outdoors. To learn all of the benefits of an all-glass garage door, talk to your San Luis Obispo garage service technicians.

What Glass Garage Doors Can Add To Your Backyard

You can benefit a lot from getting glass garage doors installed in your home. When you have a glass door, you can add an outside bar and dining area to the backyard. This decorating scheme will make your backyard seem like a cool eatery.

Colors For All-Glass Garage Doors

When it comes to the colors of all-glass garage doors, pick clear or tints of green, blue, gray, satin, or even bronze. Your garage door repair company will give you many options. The color that you choose will depend on your personal preferences and your desire for privacy. You should pick tempered glass for your single- and double-pane garage door windows.

The Benefits of a Wooden Garage Door


Why You Should Consider a Wooden Garage Door

If you’re planning to have a new garage door installed, you want the door to match the look of the rest of your residence. If you want your home to have a type of rustic charm, a wooden garage door will act as your best option for achieving that effect. This article will tell you some of the little-known benefits of wooden garage doors, as well as the types of wooden doors you can have installed on your garage by experts in garage door repair in San Luis Obispo.

The Perks of Wood

If you want to add a country vibe to your home, having a wooden garage door installed is the perfect way to accomplish this effect. While some people may suggest that you use vinyl or aluminum doors, you can’t substitute the look and beauty of wood.

When your garage door technicians install your wooden garage door, they do a customized installation that adheres to the requirements of your home garage. Since wood acts as a versatile material, you can create a covering that matches your garage floor while making the exterior look as you wish. Damaged wooden doors can be fixed without spending a whole lot of money or time. Plus, wooden doors act as excellent insulation.

Plywood and Cedar Garage Doors

Plywood is your most inexpensive option for wooden doors. It doesn’t have the same level of flair and protection as the more expensive woods, but you can coat the plywood with the slice of another type of wood to improve upon the look. You can also improve the R-value and strength of your garage door by putting insulation between the panels.

Cedar garage doors resist rot, moisture and insects. However, you will need to get this type of door treated every one or two years to ensure durability. You can also stain cedar doors to match the look of your home.

Redwood and Mahogany Garage Doors

Redwood garage doors are the more expensive option, but they are beautiful. As long as this door is constructed with multiple layers of wood, it will eliminate the risk of warping that can occur due to heat or moisture. You can also stain mahogany doors if you choose.

Mahogany garage doors are also beautiful but expensive. But a mahogany door will give you excellent durability and strength. You can apply different paints and finishes to change the look of the door to match your home.

Three Ways to Make Your New Garage More Useful for Your Family’s Needs


Three Must-Have Features for Your New Construction Garage

When you are preparing to construct a new garage in San Luis Obispo, consider looking beyond the typical bland construction plans that most new garages use. Rather than thinking of the garage as just a storage spot for your car and the extra belongings that do not fit inside of the house, consider including one or more of these three features. Each of these features will help you to make the most of your new space.

Covered Porch

Once upon a time, most homes had a covered front porch where people could sit and talk with their neighbors or enjoy their morning coffee. If the idea of a covered porch appeals to you, consider including one on the new garage. One side of the garage’s roof could be made to extend several feet past the exterior wall. The concrete foundation can also be extended to create a flat space for setting up an outdoor dining and relaxation area.

Storage Loft

Conserve the floor space in your new garage by having the builders include a storage loft. The floor space could be used for your tools and basic equipment. Use the loft to store the things that you do not need to access too often. For example, the storage loft could be used for seasonal outdoor decorations, a big canoe or kayak that you only use once per year or those skis that only get used once or twice during the wintertime.


If the idea of growing your own food appeals to you, consider having a greenhouse built onto the southern or western side of your new garage. An extension of the concrete foundation will provide flooring. The greenhouse area can be outfitted with the proper type of glass windows. The new growing space could allow you to grow tomatoes, bell peppers, leafy greens or flowers all year long.

Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door


How to Maintain Your Garage Door

The garage door is an important part of your home that will determine how easily you get in and out of the garage. Many people now use automatic garage doors due to the ease of use of the product. If you want to maintain the feature and increase its lifespan, there are a few important tips to follow as a homeowner.

Clean the Parts

It’s necessary to clean the parts of the garage door to preserve the materials over time. Use a soft sponge or a cloth with soapy water to wash down the exterior and remove dirt and grime that has accumulated before rinsing it off. Wood doors will need with a dry cloth before repainting or re-staining the surface to boost its color shade and allow it to look new again. A broom should also be used on the inside of the garage door to remove cobwebs that are present.

Schedule an Inspection

Hire a professional to inspect the garage door and identify any areas that need attention to ensure that repairs are made. The rollers, brackets, tracks, cables, and hinges will need to be checked to determine if any parts are damaged or missing. Testing the door balance is a crucial part of the inspection by disconnecting the power and manually lifting the door to your waist before releasing it. The professional will determine if too many issues are present and may recommend that it’s time for a new garage door if it’s reached the end of its lifespan.

Lubricate the Parts

According to garage door installation recommendations, you’ll need to lubricate the screw and chain on the opener at least one a year with the use of spray-on white lithium grease. The operation of the parts will work more smoothly once they’re lubricated and will also reduce the amount of noise that you hear when the garage door is opened and closed. The springs will also need lubrication with a product like WD-40 to prevent corrosion from occurring, which can cause the springs to break. If the springs need to be replaced, leave the job to a professional to reduce the risk of injuries or damage to the garage door.

Why You Should Regularly Maintain Your Garage Door Springs


The Importance of Keeping Garage Door Springs in Good Condition

You likely know that your garage door is outfitted with a large number of components, all of which must work properly in order for the door to open and close correctly on command. However, you might not have known that the springs inside the garage door are actually among the most important components within the door, as they complete a large number of essential tasks. When a spring has degraded, your garage door will stop working altogether, which is why you should maintain them on a regular basis.

Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two basic types of garage door springs that you should be aware of, including the torsion spring and extension springs. When it comes to the torsion spring, these are located over the closed door. When the motor is signaled for the door to open, these springs will uncoil and release their energy in order to lift the door. On the other hand, extension springs are situated parallel to the door tracks and perpendicular to the door itself, with one placed on each side of the door. These springs are fully extended when the door is closed. One spring isn’t better than the other, but they do require slightly different maintenance.

The Importance of Keeping Your Springs in Good Condition

The primary reason your springs should be kept in good condition above all other components within your garage door is because they perform a wide array of functions. These springs keep your door from slamming shut when you’re driving under it, allowing the door to open and close slowly. They’re also very handy in situations where the door motor fails. If this occurs when your car is still inside the garage and you need to get to work or school, all you need to do is disengage the motor. Once you do so, you’ll be able to easily lift the door to open it, as the springs do most of the lifting for you. By keeping your springs well maintained, the rest of the garage door should be as well.

Maintaining Your Garage Door Springs

If kept properly maintained, your garage door springs should last around 10 years or upwards of 10,000 cycles. The maintenance requirements for springs like this are minimal, but San Luis Obispo garage service will be able to identify whether or not your springs should be replaced sometime soon. If you neglect your springs, their lifespan could be shortened considerably, which would end up costing you more money.

Basic Tips For Building A Garage Office


The Home Office: Moving To The Garage

There is often limited space to build a home office when you need one. Any area inside the house can become just another place to hear the kids playing and have the dog scratching at the door. There’s another relatively peaceful option that comes with many houses though: the garage. There’s space, solitude, and easy access back to the main house. However, before you lug your furniture and office supplies out the door, consider these tips.

Safety First

Make sure you and your office supplies will be safe in the garage. Check that the garage door cannot be forced open. If the garage is not connected to the houses, there’s a second entry to secure. In fact, you’ll need a way to lock your door from outside when you leave and inside when you don’t want interruptions. Just keep in mind that the doors are safety exits. Make sure they’re clear of obstructions and in working condition. If the garage door is opening slowly or not at all, look for a professional to do garage door repair in San Luis Obispo before you lock yourself inside.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Garages aren’t built for all-day comfort. Instead, they’re built as good storage space for the car and assorted boxes. Garages get hot and can have poor lighting. There’s also rarely cable connections. None of that is conducive to a good work environment. So, change it. Insulate the garage to keep cool air inside, and purchase an air conditioner. A fan keeps air circulating and doubles as a design decision. For lighting, change the dim bulbs to energy-efficient fluorescent lights. Finally, install a router in the garage since a good portion of your home network will likely be moving out there.

Personalize It

The typical garage is grey-floored and white-walled with small windows. It’s a classic garage look but probably not representative of your personal style, and having a personalized workspace is one of the perks of a home office. Customize your garage into something that is professional but still special to you. Add color, wallpaper, or trimming to the walls and doors. Add a large window to the to let in natural light. Carpet or wood flooring can make it appear more elegant, especially if clients will enter the new office space. Use wall dividers if you’ll need separate waiting areas or a mini-fridge.

Building a home office can be a creative and rewarding process. Take the steps needed to make sure you’ll be safe, productive, and comfortable in this new space.