Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door


How to Maintain Your Garage Door

The garage door is an important part of your home that will determine how easily you get in and out of the garage. Many people now use automatic garage doors due to the ease of use of the product. If you want to maintain the feature and increase its lifespan, there are a few important tips to follow as a homeowner.

Clean the Parts

It’s necessary to clean the parts of the garage door to preserve the materials over time. Use a soft sponge or a cloth with soapy water to wash down the exterior and remove dirt and grime that has accumulated before rinsing it off. Wood doors will need with a dry cloth before repainting or re-staining the surface to boost its color shade and allow it to look new again. A broom should also be used on the inside of the garage door to remove cobwebs that are present.

Schedule an Inspection

Hire a professional to inspect the garage door and identify any areas that need attention to ensure that repairs are made. The rollers, brackets, tracks, cables, and hinges will need to be checked to determine if any parts are damaged or missing. Testing the door balance is a crucial part of the inspection by disconnecting the power and manually lifting the door to your waist before releasing it. The professional will determine if too many issues are present and may recommend that it’s time for a new garage door if it’s reached the end of its lifespan.

Lubricate the Parts

According to garage door installation recommendations, you’ll need to lubricate the screw and chain on the opener at least one a year with the use of spray-on white lithium grease. The operation of the parts will work more smoothly once they’re lubricated and will also reduce the amount of noise that you hear when the garage door is opened and closed. The springs will also need lubrication with a product like WD-40 to prevent corrosion from occurring, which can cause the springs to break. If the springs need to be replaced, leave the job to a professional to reduce the risk of injuries or damage to the garage door.

Why You Should Regularly Maintain Your Garage Door Springs


The Importance of Keeping Garage Door Springs in Good Condition

You likely know that your garage door is outfitted with a large number of components, all of which must work properly in order for the door to open and close correctly on command. However, you might not have known that the springs inside the garage door are actually among the most important components within the door, as they complete a large number of essential tasks. When a spring has degraded, your garage door will stop working altogether, which is why you should maintain them on a regular basis.

Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two basic types of garage door springs that you should be aware of, including the torsion spring and extension springs. When it comes to the torsion spring, these are located over the closed door. When the motor is signaled for the door to open, these springs will uncoil and release their energy in order to lift the door. On the other hand, extension springs are situated parallel to the door tracks and perpendicular to the door itself, with one placed on each side of the door. These springs are fully extended when the door is closed. One spring isn’t better than the other, but they do require slightly different maintenance.

The Importance of Keeping Your Springs in Good Condition

The primary reason your springs should be kept in good condition above all other components within your garage door is because they perform a wide array of functions. These springs keep your door from slamming shut when you’re driving under it, allowing the door to open and close slowly. They’re also very handy in situations where the door motor fails. If this occurs when your car is still inside the garage and you need to get to work or school, all you need to do is disengage the motor. Once you do so, you’ll be able to easily lift the door to open it, as the springs do most of the lifting for you. By keeping your springs well maintained, the rest of the garage door should be as well.

Maintaining Your Garage Door Springs

If kept properly maintained, your garage door springs should last around 10 years or upwards of 10,000 cycles. The maintenance requirements for springs like this are minimal, but San Luis Obispo garage service will be able to identify whether or not your springs should be replaced sometime soon. If you neglect your springs, their lifespan could be shortened considerably, which would end up costing you more money.

Basic Tips For Building A Garage Office


The Home Office: Moving To The Garage

There is often limited space to build a home office when you need one. Any area inside the house can become just another place to hear the kids playing and have the dog scratching at the door. There’s another relatively peaceful option that comes with many houses though: the garage. There’s space, solitude, and easy access back to the main house. However, before you lug your furniture and office supplies out the door, consider these tips.

Safety First

Make sure you and your office supplies will be safe in the garage. Check that the garage door cannot be forced open. If the garage is not connected to the houses, there’s a second entry to secure. In fact, you’ll need a way to lock your door from outside when you leave and inside when you don’t want interruptions. Just keep in mind that the doors are safety exits. Make sure they’re clear of obstructions and in working condition. If the garage door is opening slowly or not at all, look for a professional to do garage door repair in San Luis Obispo before you lock yourself inside.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Garages aren’t built for all-day comfort. Instead, they’re built as good storage space for the car and assorted boxes. Garages get hot and can have poor lighting. There’s also rarely cable connections. None of that is conducive to a good work environment. So, change it. Insulate the garage to keep cool air inside, and purchase an air conditioner. A fan keeps air circulating and doubles as a design decision. For lighting, change the dim bulbs to energy-efficient fluorescent lights. Finally, install a router in the garage since a good portion of your home network will likely be moving out there.

Personalize It

The typical garage is grey-floored and white-walled with small windows. It’s a classic garage look but probably not representative of your personal style, and having a personalized workspace is one of the perks of a home office. Customize your garage into something that is professional but still special to you. Add color, wallpaper, or trimming to the walls and doors. Add a large window to the to let in natural light. Carpet or wood flooring can make it appear more elegant, especially if clients will enter the new office space. Use wall dividers if you’ll need separate waiting areas or a mini-fridge.

Building a home office can be a creative and rewarding process. Take the steps needed to make sure you’ll be safe, productive, and comfortable in this new space.

How to Keep Your Garage Space Organized


Maximize Your Garage Space Through Organization

Messy garages feel dark, cramped and cluttered. When there’s junk everywhere, it can be hard to find items or work on projects. Your garage turns into wasted space.

Don’t settle for a haphazard garage. Maximize garage space by introducing a system of garage organization.

Clean Out the Old

When you’re considering how to organize your garage, the first step has to involve clearing it out. Pull everything out of the garage. For each item, decide whether you need to pitch it, donate it, sell it or save it. If you plan to save it, keep in mind that you’ll need to find a home for it later on in the organizational process.

Before moving on, be sure to really clean out the garage. Shop vac out the cobwebs, sweep up the dirt and wipe down the walls. This step will give the space an overall refresher.

Add New Organization

Once your space is clean, you need to add in an organizational system before bringing items back into the garage.

Freestanding racks are quite sturdy. They can be ideal for holding bins and boxes of all sizes. Wall-mounted shelves are another good option. You can take these as high up on the walls as you’d like, which helps maximize your vertical space.

An assortment of hooks mounted to the wall can be handy for hanging gear and tools. This is especially handy for items that aren’t the right size or shape for storing neatly on a shelf.

If your garage is quite small or the walls are in rough shape for hanging shelves, consider replacing the structure. A new garage in San Luis Obispo will give you the opportunity to start fresh with garage organization.

Use Plastic Bins

Once you’ve installed shelves and hooks, it’s time to bring your belongings back into the garage. Each item should have an assigned spot in your garage.

Some items will lie neatly on the shelves or slip easily onto a hook. Other items, especially small ones, need to be contained, so line your shelves with plastic bins. Their uniform sizes help make the most of your shelf space, and they can be easily labeled for smart organization.

Tips for Keeping Your Garage Door in Good Condition


How to Keep Your Garage Door Well Maintained

A garage door is one of those home improvement investments that you expect to last for at least 20 years. However, there are numerous factors that can cause degradation of and damage to your garage door, including environmental factors such as heavy rain and blustery winds. The best way to avoid these issues and save yourself a lot of money is by performing some routine maintenance every now and then. You might also consider hiring a San Luis Obispo garage service provider to assist with inspection and to perform any necessary repairs.

Replace Rollers and Weather Stripping

The rollers on your garage door should be replaced every five years or so in order to avoid a malfunction. This is true whether the rollers are nylon or steel. You should consider replacing them more frequently if you use your garage door several times a day, as this could cause the rollers to wear down faster. As for the weather stripping around your garage door, this should be replaced immediately if you find small cracks in the material. Once these cracks appear, rain and other elements will start getting into your garage, which can be damaging to anything kept there. Weather stripping can be found at any home improvement store.

Check Cables and Tighten Hardware

The cables that lift your garage door are among the most important components, so they should remain in good condition at all times. While it’s not recommended to deal with these cables yourself, you can at least visually inspect them. Make sure to look for issues such as damage on the roller bracket or broken strands, which could indicate worn cables. If you use your garage door on a regular basis, you’ll also want to check hardware every month to make sure nothing’s loose, including bolts and roller brackets.

Ascertain Balance

In order for your garage door to work as it should, it must be balanced. As the garage door opens and closes, there’s a small chance your door lever could become misaligned. If this occurs, it might be unable to bear the load when the door is open, causing it to crash down, putting you in danger. Ensure your door is balanced and not tilting. If you find that your door isn’t in good shape, contact a garage repair service to assist with repairs.

What to Ask Your Contractor Before Having a New Garage Door Installed


Three Questions to Ask Before a New Garage Door Install

Having a new garage door installed at your property is the easiest part of buying a new garage door for your home. While the process is generally straightforward and should be finished relatively quickly, there are always small issues and problems that could arise during the project. Getting more details about the installation team involved in the project and what the installation entails is necessary to make sure that you’ve selected the right contractor for the job.

How Long Will the Project Take?

One of the most important questions you’re going to want to ask is “how long is the project going to take?”. Installations don’t typically take a very long time to complete, but getting an estimate of the duration of the project will allow you to plan your schedule around the work that needs to be done. If some of your friends or relatives were set to visit soon, you could reschedule until the project is completed. It’s also important to realize that these installations can take somewhat longer than the estimate provided to you, so don’t be surprised when this happens. Having an estimate beforehand will also provide your contractor and their employees with a specific deadline to at least target.

What Issues Could Arise During the Installation?

Always make sure to ask a prospective contractor about what unexpected issues they believe could arise throughout the installation. Even though a garage installation is a relatively simple process, there’s always going to be the possibility that a costly problem could occur in the middle of the project, possibly delaying the timetable of the installation or requiring you to spend more of your money. Asking this question beforehand and getting some idea of what could happen during the project allows you to plan your budget accordingly.

Do Your Employees Have Experience?

No matter the size of the home improvement project, you always want to make sure that the contractors you hire are trustworthy and have the experience necessary to properly install a new garage door. You also want to keep your home secure as the project is ongoing, so knowing more about the hiring process for these employees could help put your mind at ease. Once you’ve asked all of these questions, you can get started on your garage door installation.

Signs Your Garage Door Needs to Be Repaired


Top Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

The garage door should function well to ensure that it is safe to use and protects the contents of the garage. Over time, the product can begin to wear down due to its age and a lack of maintenance. When you suspect that your garage door needs attention, there are a few common signs that repairs are needed.

The Door Shakes

Garage doors that shake and have a lot of movement when they are opened or closed may have broken or worn down parts. The broken parts may be forcing it to move unsteadily, which can increase the risk of complications that can occur in the future. It may also begin to falter when it’s operated with jerking movements that can lead it to collapse later on. The door should be inspected and repaired to ensure that it works smoothly.

Increased Energy Bills

Many homeowners don’t always assume that their increased energy bill may be due to a garage door that needs to be repaired on the property. A professional who can do a garage door repair in San Luis Obispo will replace materials or parts that are causing drafts to be present in the space, which can allow the outside air to enter the garage.


You may notice that parts of the garage door begin to sag, which is an indicator that the balance is off. You’ll need to disconnect the opener from the door before manually opening it again. Open the door halfway and leave it there for a few seconds to determine if it rises or falls. The door will need to be repaired if it doesn’t stay put and collapses. A lack of balance is often caused by problems that are present with the tension springs.

Excess Noise

Although it’s common for the door to make plenty of noise when you open or close it, the product shouldn’t make unusual noises when it’s operating. Although older garage doors can be noisier, you shouldn’t hear straining or creaks that becomes louder over time. Hire a professional to inspect the product and look for issues with the springs, the opener, or the opener bracket. Examining the parts will make it easy to determine if something needs to be replaced.

Enhance Your Home With the Installation of a New Garage Door


Improving your home with a new garage door installation project is a great way to bolster curb appeal. It also can enhance energy efficiency, property value, and more.

The Many Benefits of a New Garage Door

At first glance, a garage door is largely a cosmetic feature on your home that plays a major role in curb appeal. Therefore, when you think about getting a new garage in San Luis Obispo, you may consider this to be an aesthetic improvement to curb appeal. However, this is a major home improvement that has other far-reaching benefits for your home. A closer look may reveal that now is a great time to move forward with this project and to enjoy all of the incredible benefits it can provide to your home.

The Impact on Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a prime concern in the local area, and you may be looking for ways to keep energy costs low throughout the year. Curbing energy consumption through lifestyle changes is one option, but there may be an easier solution. Some styles of garage doors are insulated and well-sealed. A significant amount of energy loss may take place through a standard garage. However, when the garage door is insulated and sealed, this loss is minimized. This means that you may enjoy lower energy costs throughout the year.

The Ability to Bolster Property Value

Many homeowners are looking for strategic ways to improve their home’s value, and the installation of a new garage door is an excellent option to consider. When a home has beautiful curb appeal as well as energy efficiency benefits, it may attract a higher offer when you list the home for sale. This is a project that you can recoup value out of when you sell the home at a later date.

Moving Forward With New Installation Service

If you are interested in enjoying these incredible benefits for your home, you can begin the project by selecting a beautiful and functional garage door style for your property. There are a wide range of features and styles to choose from, so take time to thoroughly research the options before setting up installation service.