Garage Door Parts & Accessories

Garage doors contain many working parts, and if any of those parts are not functioning properly, your convenient garage door can become irritating or even dangerous. At Precision Door Service of San Luis Obispo, CA, we carry a large stock of garage door parts and hardware, including rollers, springs, hinges, cables, and more. Replacing worn down or broken garage door parts can help your garage door last for years to come.

Replacement Garage Door Parts

Whether you are concerned about every day wear and tear on your garage door parts, or have discovered broken or faulty garage door hardware, Precision Door Service of San Luis Obispo, CA can help you return your garage door to like-new condition. We carry a wide variety of premium garage door parts, including springs, hinges, cables, rollers, and more.

  • Garage Door Springs: Garage door springs handle the majority of the lifting force required to open a garage door. Precision Door Service carries heavy-duty garage door springs that can last up to four times longer than normal springs, do not require lubrication, and will not rust.
  • Garage Door Rollers: Rollers guide the garage door along its tracks as it opens and closes. The high quality rollers offered by Precision Door Service of San Luis Obispo, CA are tested to withstand over 80,000 cycles, helping your garage door operate quietly and safely.
  • Garage Door Drums: These important pieces of garage door hardware help balance the door as it opens and closes. Working in conjunction with torsion springs, our heavy-duty garage door drums are strong enough to lift any residential door.
  • Garage Door Cables: Garage Door Cables are responsible for assisting the spring system as the door opens and closes. Precision Door Service of San Luis Obispo, CA stocks multi-strand cables that resist fraying in all climates.
  • Garage Door Bearing Plates: Bearing plates are often overlooked, but are one of the most important garage door parts to keep you door functioning smoothly. Bearing plates hold the torsion system in place to minimize the stress on the motor, helping it last longer.

Garage Door Accessories

  • Garage door locks and handles: Locks and handles can add personality to the look of your garage door, as well as added security for your house and belongings. Precision Door offers a wide range of locks and handles to complement any style of garage door.
  • Additional parts and accessories: Precision Door Service of Los Angeles also stocks parts and accessories to help you care for your garage door, including lubricants, hardware, sealants and paints, remote controls, keypads, and garage door opener accessories.
  • Other Garage Door Parts: At Precision Door Service of San Luis Obispo, CA, we supply customers with an extensive selection of garage door hardware, parts, and accessories.

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