Why You Should Consider a Wooden Garage Door

If you’re planning to have a new garage door installed, you want the door to match the look of the rest of your residence. If you want your home to have a type of rustic charm, a wooden garage door will act as your best option for achieving that effect. This article will tell you some of the little-known benefits of wooden garage doors, as well as the types of wooden doors you can have installed on your garage by experts in garage door repair in San Luis Obispo.

The Perks of Wood

If you want to add a country vibe to your home, having a wooden garage door installed is the perfect way to accomplish this effect. While some people may suggest that you use vinyl or aluminum doors, you can’t substitute the look and beauty of wood.

When your garage door technicians install your wooden garage door, they do a customized installation that adheres to the requirements of your home garage. Since wood acts as a versatile material, you can create a covering that matches your garage floor while making the exterior look as you wish. Damaged wooden doors can be fixed without spending a whole lot of money or time. Plus, wooden doors act as excellent insulation.

Plywood and Cedar Garage Doors

Plywood is your most inexpensive option for wooden doors. It doesn’t have the same level of flair and protection as the more expensive woods, but you can coat the plywood with the slice of another type of wood to improve upon the look. You can also improve the R-value and strength of your garage door by putting insulation between the panels.

Cedar garage doors resist rot, moisture and insects. However, you will need to get this type of door treated every one or two years to ensure durability. You can also stain cedar doors to match the look of your home.

Redwood and Mahogany Garage Doors

Redwood garage doors are the more expensive option, but they are beautiful. As long as this door is constructed with multiple layers of wood, it will eliminate the risk of warping that can occur due to heat or moisture. You can also stain mahogany doors if you choose.

Mahogany garage doors are also beautiful but expensive. But a mahogany door will give you excellent durability and strength. You can apply different paints and finishes to change the look of the door to match your home.