Garage Door Track Repair Service

If your garage door comes off track, it can be dangerous, not to mention inconvenient. Precision Door Service of San Luis Obispo offers same-day garage door track repair services.

Our garage door track repair process is designed to identify the root cause of the problem and ensure that your garage door stays on track in the future.

When your garage door comes off track, it can be a serious problem, and Precision Door Service recommends that you not attempt to fix it yourself, but let our trained technicians handle your problem.

Our technicians use a four-step approach when fixing your garage door track:

  1. Examine the tracks to make sure they are not dented or damaged and that they are properly secured to the wall
  2. Evaluate and adjust track and roller alignment
  3. Clean and lubricate the tracks
  4. Evaluate the entire system for loose and/or missing parts

We offer garage door track repair for all makes and models of garage doors, as well as 24-hour service at no additional charge. If you notice a problem with your garage door and suspect that it may be off track, contact Precision Door Service immediately. If left unfixed, a minor garage door track repair can turn into a major issue.

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