Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis ObispoShould I Get an Insulated Garage Door?

An insulated garage door is well worth the investment and can help your home in multiple ways. A garage door installation expert can help you equip your door with the proper amount of insulation so you can realize these benefits.

More Utility from Your Garage

The temperature inside your garage is one of the things that prevents you from using it. When it is cold in your garage, you do not want to spend any time in there. Moreover, the inconsistency in your garage temperature can put your possessions at risk. Insulation in your garage door will enable you to get more use out of your garage. You can use it as a workspace and a storage room when there is a more predictable temperature inside.

It Increase Energy Efficiency

Your garage door is one of the more vulnerable points in your home when it comes to air coming into and out of your residence. In the winter, the efforts of your HVAC system can be defeated when cold air coming in through your garage door can make your home colder and force your heating system to have to work harder. This leads to higher energy bills and an HVAC system that is strained from having to work so hard. When you plug up one of the weak spots in your home, your heating and cooling system has some of its burden relieved.

It Keeps Noise In or Out

Some people want noise to stay in their garage. Those that have the proverbial garage band do not want to receive complaints from their neighbors about the noise coming from their garage. Others want to keep some of the noise from the street out of their home, especially if they have a room in the house located in close proximity to the garage. Garage door insulation can help either contain the inside noise or keep the outside noise out. Insulation can reduce noise by up to 16 decibels.