finance a new garage door

finance a new garage door

3 Ways to Finance a New Garage Door

With a variety of available financing options, it can be difficult to choose which option is best for you, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are three great ways to finance a new garage door for your home.

Personal Loans

Applying for a personal loan to finance a garage door improvement offers flexibility because these types of loans allow you to use the funds for any purpose. Personal loans are also generally easy to qualify for, even with less than great credit; however, higher interest rates and lower loan amounts may apply. Once you qualify, the money from the loan is accessible within a matter of hours or days, so you can quickly begin your garage door project.

Garage Loans

Some lenders, suppliers and builders offer loans that are specifically designated for garage door upgrades. A garage loan obtained through a builder or supplier should provide you with enough funding to cover the cost of your new garage door plus any additional expenses for installation. The great benefit of getting a garage loan from a builder is that you don’t have to go through an outside lender, and the time to receive your loan disbursement can happen within a few days.

Finance a New Garage Door With Home Equity Loans

If you have equity in your home, then this type of loan may be a good option for you. The qualifying process is typically a bit more complicated for home equity loans; however, they also tend to have lower interest rates than any other loan you may qualify for, and you might be able to deduct the interest on your taxes. For great financing options and quality products, a San Luis Obispo garage service can meet all of your garage door home improvement needs.


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