Why Garage Doors Should Be Installed in the Spring

A homeowner who wants a new garage door put on his or her home may want to have it done in April or May. This is partially because the garage may be better able to handle repair work when the weather is warmer. It may also be cost effective to do so during this time of year. Those who are happy with their door’s performance may still want to have their garage inspected when the weather starts to get warmer.

It May Be Easier to Install a Door Properly

While a garage door can be installed during the winter months, the cold can wreak havoc on springs and other components. This may be true regardless of how recently they were put on. Therefore, homeowners could run into a situation where they need to have their garage serviced multiple times in a matter of weeks or months. Furthermore, the warmer temperatures may allow for springs and other components to be put into place with less hassle as it may not be necessary to wear bulky gloves.

March Through May Be a Relatively Slow Season

The reason why it may be best from a cost perspective to have a new garage door installed in early spring is because there may be less work available. In some cases, garage door installation professionals are looking to start their seasons early. Therefore, they may be willing to provide a discount to motivate potential clients to contact them. Discounts may also be available on the doors themselves as well as installation fees.

Garage Door Maintenance Is Routine Home Maintenance

Taking care of a garage door is an important part of being a responsible homeowner. Therefore, it is never a bad idea to have a garage door installed or a current garage door inspected. Doing so can improve the look and function of an entire home.