Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

Why Steel Garage Doors Have Layers in Them

When it comes to our garage door, many of us will opt for a steel door. The garage door, especially if attached, is one of the first things others notice about our home. The steel garage door is typical. They offer sturdiness and economical solutions for our garage doors. Steel garage door layers are often the only thing a homeowner must decide on; do they want one layer, two, or even three layers in their garage door? Having a steel garage door is the most common type of door for homeowners in San Luis Obispo.

Do You Want a Garage Door With a Single Layer?

Garage door repair in San Luis Obispo sometimes offers a garage door with a single layer. A single garage door layer means the manufacturer produced it with a unique metal stamp. The single-layer garage door is the most economical. That is, they are from one machine, and they have the least amount of material that makes them up. If you opt to replace your garage door with a single-layer garage door, you will find that it is the cheapest way to go. You will also find that the door will not necessarily look like a steel door. Many manufacturers have them blend into the scenery.

The Features of Double Layers

While the single-layer garage door is standard, most homeowners will opt for the more expensive and more sturdy double-layer garage door. To have double garage door layers means that there is more material to make the door. While they cost a little more than the single-layer, the double-layer adds more value over its lifetime. These doors tend to be of galvanized steel. They also have a backer. What is a backer? It is a thick material on the backside of the door. It offers homeowners insulation and soundproofing.

Pros and Cons of Triple Layers

Triple-layer garage doors tend to be the most expensive. But they are also of high quality. The homeowner can keep their garage door looking beautiful with a little bit of a commitment. The triple-layer garage door is durable and sturdy. A triple-layer door is like a double-layer door. The only difference is that a triple-layer door has an additional piece of galvanized steel attached to the backing. The second piece of galvanized steel adds to the insulation and soundproofing. The extra layer of steel gives the triple-layer door an excellent wind rating.