Three Questions to Ask Before a New Garage Door Install

Having a new garage door installed at your property is the easiest part of buying a new garage door for your home. While the process is generally straightforward and should be finished relatively quickly, there are always small issues and problems that could arise during the project. Getting more details about the installation team involved in the project and what the installation entails is necessary to make sure that you’ve selected the right contractor for the job.

How Long Will the Project Take?

One of the most important questions you’re going to want to ask is “how long is the project going to take?”. Installations don’t typically take a very long time to complete, but getting an estimate of the duration of the project will allow you to plan your schedule around the work that needs to be done. If some of your friends or relatives were set to visit soon, you could reschedule until the project is completed. It’s also important to realize that these installations can take somewhat longer than the estimate provided to you, so don’t be surprised when this happens. Having an estimate beforehand will also provide your contractor and their employees with a specific deadline to at least target.

What Issues Could Arise During the Installation?

Always make sure to ask a prospective contractor about what unexpected issues they believe could arise throughout the installation. Even though a garage installation is a relatively simple process, there’s always going to be the possibility that a costly problem could occur in the middle of the project, possibly delaying the timetable of the installation or requiring you to spend more of your money. Asking this question beforehand and getting some idea of what could happen during the project allows you to plan your budget accordingly.

Do Your Employees Have Experience?

No matter the size of the home improvement project, you always want to make sure that the contractors you hire are trustworthy and have the experience necessary to properly install a new garage door. You also want to keep your home secure as the project is ongoing, so knowing more about the hiring process for these employees could help put your mind at ease. Once you’ve asked all of these questions, you can get started on your garage door installation.