This article will tell you the benefits and downsides of both attached and detached garages. By the end of the article, homeowners will know which type of garage unit they want for their home.

What’s Better? Attached or Detached Garages?

Some people like attached garages because they make their home appear larger. This optical illusion especially comes into play on structures where your garage door faces the back of your home. People from the outside will only view your garage as part of the larger home structure. Your attached garage unit will also match the rest of your home’s design. With a detached garage unit, it is built many years after the house was established. Therefore, the detached units often look a lot different from the home.

Attached units often give homeowners a sense of convenience. With these units, you can open a door and directly enter your garage. You don’t have to exit your house to get something from your car.

Detached Garage Units

When you have a detached garage, you give outsiders limited entry methods into your home. Even though attached units can get outfitted with secure entryways, a criminal can always enter through one of the windows. If you don’t lock the door from the garage to your house, a burglar can easily enter your home. Homeowners with a detached garage are safe in these situations because a criminal will only be able to wreak havoc within the garage.

Detached Garage Units and Privacy

Detached units give you a different type of privacy than an attached garage. Homeowners who want to set up a workbench or work on DIY projects can do so without getting the distractions of an attached unit. If your unit is connected to your house, getting privacy can turn into a difficult endeavor.

Accentuate the Assets, Prepare for the Liabilities

Whether you have an attached or detached unit, you will need to have a technician who is skilled in garage door repair in San Luis Obispo on call. If you have an attached garage, your home becomes a lot more vulnerable to criminal activity if your garage door malfunctions.

Owners of detached garages should also get to know garage repair technicians in their area. That’s because many of these units have one single entrance to the garage. If your door system gets broken, you can’t get in or out of your garage.

There are benefits and downsides to both types of garage units. Whichever type of unit you have, do what you can to accentuate the garage unit’s positive aspects while downplaying the liabilities.