The Home Office: Moving To The Garage

There is often limited space to build a home office when you need one. Any area inside the house can become just another place to hear the kids playing and have the dog scratching at the door. There’s another relatively peaceful option that comes with many houses though: the garage. There’s space, solitude, and easy access back to the main house. However, before you lug your furniture and office supplies out the door, consider these tips.

Safety First

Make sure you and your office supplies will be safe in the garage. Check that the garage door cannot be forced open. If the garage is not connected to the houses, there’s a second entry to secure. In fact, you’ll need a way to lock your door from outside when you leave and inside when you don’t want interruptions. Just keep in mind that the doors are safety exits. Make sure they’re clear of obstructions and in working condition. If the garage door is opening slowly or not at all, look for a professional to do garage door repair in San Luis Obispo before you lock yourself inside.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Garages aren’t built for all-day comfort. Instead, they’re built as good storage space for the car and assorted boxes. Garages get hot and can have poor lighting. There’s also rarely cable connections. None of that is conducive to a good work environment. So, change it. Insulate the garage to keep cool air inside, and purchase an air conditioner. A fan keeps air circulating and doubles as a design decision. For lighting, change the dim bulbs to energy-efficient fluorescent lights. Finally, install a router in the garage since a good portion of your home network will likely be moving out there.

Personalize It

The typical garage is grey-floored and white-walled with small windows. It’s a classic garage look but probably not representative of your personal style, and having a personalized workspace is one of the perks of a home office. Customize your garage into something that is professional but still special to you. Add color, wallpaper, or trimming to the walls and doors. Add a large window to the to let in natural light. Carpet or wood flooring can make it appear more elegant, especially if clients will enter the new office space. Use wall dividers if you’ll need separate waiting areas or a mini-fridge.

Building a home office can be a creative and rewarding process. Take the steps needed to make sure you’ll be safe, productive, and comfortable in this new space.