Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

The Best Precision Doors for Beach Homes

Your Precision door is expected to last for up to 20 years. The elements you have near the ocean, however, will make caring for your door a bit more challenging. If you don’t account for the air, temperature and water, your door will suffer and degrade faster. Direct sunlight always fades colors and can even warp the panels of your door. Things like high winds and sea spray are accounted for when your contractor considers your door’s materials. Garage doors in coastal areas need treating and additional layers of protection. Those details are covered in this post.


Homeowners who want to avoid rust and deterioration should consider synthetic plastics like vinyl. This durable PVC compound can be made into thin sheets that are flexible and water-resistant. Vinyl panels don’t rot and will avoid warping when treated properly. Synthetic plastics are also cheaper to install and maintain. Vinyl doors with bright, exciting colors are likely to hold their tones and shades longer. This is because PVC gets treated with a UV-resistant finish that will last and protect your door. This means that you can also choose any color that fits your home.


Precision garage doors that are made from fiberglass also do well near the beach. In some cases, fiberglass is a great substitute for wood since it can be finished with a rough, grainy texture. Like other synthetics, the fibers of this material will not rust or sustain damage due to heavy rain. Fiberglass is lightweight and inexpensive in most cases. You won’t, however, be able to use fiberglass if you need a heavy-duty door. For doors that are big and heavy, consider stronger materials like metals and wood. These make your door strong and weight resistant.


Precision doors made from aluminum have tremendous flexibility when installed in beach communities. Aluminum is a light metal, but it’s durable and can be treated to withstand rust and decay. Just keep in mind that aluminum isn’t the best option if your neighborhood experiences a lot of high winds. The reason is due to its weight. High winds can lift panels of aluminum and detach those panels from your door. You can still prepare your panels, cover them with paint and find replacements with relative ease. This metal can also be enforced with other materials.


Steel is the strongest metal that garage doors are made from. This metal does rust, but finding steel that’s treated with anti-corrosion layers will remove the risk of rust and rot. The frame, panels, hinges and tracks can all be made from steel. This metal is heavy, however, so be sure that your garage door needs this type of strength and robustness. Steel can also be painted over to match your home and the vibrant colors of your beach community. You can even choose steel for select areas of your door, which will add stability and strength where it’s needed most.


Garage doors in Paso Robles need the strength of wood, but homeowners need to be careful about how much wood they use. Wood is prone to decay and damage from the sun and salt in the air. Among garage door materials to use, wood is the least recommended for coastal regions. Warping is common with wood, so be sure that you speak to a contractor about treating your wood. Weatherproofing wood gives it the strength to resist the sun, insect invasions and warping. Overall, you will have to care more for wood panels if such are used for your door.

Using Full-View Garage Doors

Using a single panel of transparent material reduces exposure when you live by the coast. With materials like acrylic, you can have a completely see-through garage door. Acrylics don’t decay, rust or warp. They can take hits from heavy objects and not shatter or break. These types of doors use metal frames to stabilize a single, large panel that makes up the entire door. Your home will certainly stand out if you choose this material, and epoxies are relatively cheap. Not only will they last longer than other compounds, but they are easy to install and remove.

UV Coating for Light Colors

When scheduling your Southern California garage door repair, be ready to ask about sun damage. The colors used on your garage door are prone to fading when left out in the sun for long periods of time. Special compounds are used to protect your door and the vibrant colors it has. These coatings help in keeping the sun from warping your door or peeling its paint. No matter what materials you’re using, UV coats can be applied to make living near the beach hassle-free. Using light colors will also help to reflect sunlight, stopping premature damage.

Installing the Proper Insulation

Your Precision door is an important factor when controlling the temperature inside of your home and garage. This is why coastal communities shouldn’t overlook insulation. Though often used within cold climates, insulation also keeps cool air within your garage. The force of the hot sun can increase your energy bill if your space can’t stabilize at a single temperature. Insulation keeps air from leaving your space and outside air from adjusting that interior. If your door isn’t already insulated, speak with a professional about how this upgrade can be made.

The Different Garage Door Types

Garage doors in Southern California come in all shapes and sizes. Some roll upward while others do so sideways. The type of door you choose should fit your needs and the structure of your garage. Single-panel doors open as a single unit while sectional doors use multiple panels that bend at their hinged joints. If you need air to circulate within your garage, consider carriage doors also. These have two door panels, but one door can be opened to let air in.

When a Professional Installs Your Precision Door

Choosing the right professional is important if you need a door that’s resistant to coastal elements. Your contractor should have insurance and a track record of effective, cost-friendly work. The more experience they have, the better. Contractors who are insured are the ideal candidates for your work. These professionals will receive all of the liabilities in the work they do. Professionals are open to discussions and are ready to hear more about your needs. Get in touch with your local contractor now, and ask about what you need to do within coastal regions.