How to Choose the Best Carriage House Garage Door

As a homeowner, you may have spent a lot of time designing the interior of your home. While thinking about your home’s interior is crucial, putting thought into your home’s exterior is also vital. This includes your home’s garage door. You can spend a lot of time thinking about what type of door you want for your garage. For example, you could go the classic route, or you could go with current trends.

Popular in the second half of the 20th century, carriage house-style doors have roared back into the scene. These days, the makers of metal garage doors have turned carriage house doors into a usable option for many homeowners. Because these new doors were made of metal, the doors feel lighter. These doors can also lend themselves to easy maintenance and customization.

Is a Carriage House Door the Best Bet for Your Garage?

If your home comes with classic accents, a carriage house-style door may work for you. The experts in garage door repair in San Luis Obispo can give you latticework, wide porches, dormer windows, brick accents, and other details. You could also get a carriage house garage door if your home is over fifty years old. These doors look great on older homes.

Carriage House Door Windows

Your local garage door technician can fix the windows of your carriage house door so that they match the architecture of your home. Some of the choices that you will have as a homeowner include textured glass, clear glass, or printed windows. You can also get more customizations with options like plastic inserts or grids.

The Hardware of Carriage House-Style Doors

Traditional garage doors often featured wrought iron hinges and handles. Your local garage door repair technician can usually present you with accents that look like their wrought iron counterparts. Ask about hardware options when you first decide to hire a technician for the carriage house door installation process.