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Tips for Choosing Your New Garage Door Windows

Whether you are looking to sell your house and want to maximize value, or you are simply looking to update the look of your current, there are few factors more important than the garage door. From a percentage perspective, the garage door makes up a sizable portion of the appearance of your house. Thus, if you are looking to update the appearance of your home and want to maximize value, the garage door is a great place to start. One of the best upgrades available is to select a garage door with windows. This not only lends a premium feel to your house but also makes your garage a more pleasant and naturally lit place to be. However, how large should the window size be?

The Style of Your Home Matters When choosing Window Size

The architectural style of your home is the most important aspect to consider when deciding on the garage door window size. Looking at your house, do the windows seem proportionally larger or small compared to the walls? Are they trimmed in a certain way? What shape are they? A quick introspection regarding the rest of your house can go a long way towards helping you choose the proper garage door windows. For a more classic aesthetic, consider purchasing a garage door with larger arched windows. If you prefer a more modern style, then longer more rectangular windows may be the best choice.

How Do You Use Your Garage?

Another factor in determining the size of your garage door windows is how you use your garage. If you use your garage for little more than storage or parking a commuting vehicle, then a smaller window may be used with little impact on functionality. By contrast, if you use your garage as a workspace or a place to spend time, the enhanced lighting and appearance of larger windows may prove to be a better fit. Once you have a general idea in mind, don’t hesitate to consult with someone who’s an expert on new garage doors in San Luis Obispo. A few quick phone calls can turn your dream into a reality.