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Our Precision Garage Door team offers advice about which actions you should take if you find evidence that birds have been making a nest on the tracks of your garage door and how to prevent the birds from coming back and building a new nest.

How to Safely Remove Animals From Garage Door Tracks

From time to time, birds could fly into your garage. Insects such as wasps or bees might also enter the garage. The hanging, smooth and horizontal surfaces of your garage door opener make a convenient place for these critters to start building a nest. If you find such a nest and it has caused damage, a San Luis Obispo garage service can fix the damage.

need reparación de puertas de garaje after a bird is stuck in the garage


Removing a Bird’s Nest

It is unlikely that birds could build an entire nest and lay eggs within just one day. If your garage door opener is having trouble, and you find a nest, remove the nesting materials. If the bird has been living in your garage for a while and has managed to lay eggs in the nest, it might be necessary to contact the local wildlife center for guidance.

Dove who built nest in home garage and needs reparar puertas de garaje

Removing Hives or Wasp’s Nests

Busy bees and wasps could easily build a good-sized nest in a few hours. If you find that these insects have started nest-building activities, keep your family members out of the garage. Turn off all of the lights and try not to disturb the insects until dark. Once it is dark and cool, you could use an insecticide spray and plastic bags to remove the nest. A pest control service may also help.

Repairing Damage

Birds, bees or wasps could leave a sticky residue behind on the opener’s track. Their droppings contain acids that could etch or damage the metal. After the critters are gone, it is important to have the entire opening system for the door fully inspected by an experienced technician. Any corrosion or buildup can be removed and the technician can apply a new layer of lubricant on the tracks. In the future, take care to keep your garage door shut except when moving your car.

car with bird droppings on it in need of santa maria garage door repair

When to Call Precision Garage Door

If you suspect that birds and other animals have entered your garage because of a faulty garage door it may be time to seek repair services. Rollers and cables help your garage door operate smoothly and safely. However, these parts can become worn or damaged over time and prevent your door from opening and closing properly. Precision Door Service of San Luis Obispo, CA provides expert garage door roller and cable repair services to keep your door functioning at its best for years to come. Our technicians drive fully-stocked trucks and arrive at your home ready to fix your door with the scheduled appointment time. Contact Precision today by calling 805-706-0730 or completing an online contact form.


Updated 6/9/21