Earthquake Damage

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Earthquake Damage: What to Look for in Your Garage

Those living within earthquake-prone locations understand the damages that an earthquake can do to a home and its garage. In fact, even the smallest earthquake can cause future problems for the home’s structure. This is especially true for the home garage. The garage is built to be tough and thus often ignored by homeowners after an earthquake occurs. Therefore, the following includes a list of items to check in your garage after experiencing earthquake damage.

Earthquake Damage Above Garage Living Space

Many homeowners across the country are choosing to add above living spaces to their garage. It is those additional spaces that tend to receive much of the damage after an earthquake occurs. This is because they are not a part of the original structure and thus prone to receiving more damage. It is important to have an inspector check the structure as heavily damage support walls can easily collapse.

Garage Door Opening

Because the garage door is such a large space and often without any support down the middle, this area will show damage after an earthquake. An uneven structure is extremely dangerous to not only your family but also to the entire garage door. If the opening is not even, then your door won’t be able to roll up its tracks properly. This can lead to serious damage and a call to a garage door installation service company.

Cracked Floors

Damaged garage floors are a common occurrence after an earthquake. Although a few cracks don’t really seem to be a big deal for homeowners, the fact is that it can affect how your garage door closes. If the floor is uneven, it may not allow your door to close properly at night. This leads to greater security risk and may even cause damage the next time your door attempts to close.


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