There are many merits of electric garage door openers that prove their superiority over manual door openers.

Why You Should Have an Electric Garage Door Opener

Are you one of the few homeowners with a manual garage door opener? If you’re living in the stone age of garage door technology, this blog post will give you a couple of reasons why you might want to consider calling a San Luis Obispo garage service to get an electric garage door opener.

The Photo Eye

One benefit of electric openers that doesn’t come with a manual system is the photo eye. These sensors go on both sides of your garage door and are conjoined with a light beam. When the light of the beam gets interrupted, your garage door won’t work. This keeps your door from slamming down and severely injuring you or a member of your family. The eye alone acts as a great reason to get an electric garage door opener installed in your garage.

Keypad Entry and the Illuminated Garage

Another great benefit of an electric garage door entry system is the ease that comes from a keypad entry mechanism. When you have keypad entry, you won’t have to mess with keys and struggle to get your garage door lifted up. Keypad entry allows you to work a remote or type in a code. No keys are involved in any part of the process.

When you have a manual system and someone breaks in your garage, you will need to call a garage repair company to get a new lock on your door. If someone gets access to your key code, all you will need to do is set a brand new one.

An electric garage door opener also has a lighting system that turns on whenever someone enters your garage. This system makes it easier to get into your home in the evening and could even keep burglars away.