When garage doors are installed, the technicians must take their time to ensure a high level of safety. Delays typically occur when a garage is stinky, which is why strategic steps must be followed to eliminate odors before an installation project is in progress.

How to Eliminate Garage Odors Before an Installation Project

Very strong fumes and harsh smells can drive anyone out of a garage. If you’d like to make the garage door installation process easier for the technicians, you must implement several procedures before the crew arrives to install a new garage.

Pinpoint the Odor

In order to get rid of the odor, you must figure out where the smell is emitting in the garage. Usually, garbage cans generate the harshest, strongest smells in a garage that doesn’t have proper ventilation. If a smell is strange and foul, something in a drain may be emitting the odor. Mildew can give a garage an odd odor as well; a garage could have a mildew problem if the space is damp.

Destroy the Smell

Once you’ve found the item that’s causing the odor, grab a wheel barrel and transport every item out of the area. Then, cleanse and deodorize the space with a strong cleanser or a commercial-grade disinfectant. If mold is causing the odor, you’ll need to scrub the garage thoroughly with water and bleach.

Garbage cans that are foul should be cleansed with a cleanser that’s also a deodorizer. After the solution is sprayed into the cans, close the lid so that the chemicals can soak into the bacteria and eliminate the odor.

Harsh odors in drains usually emit from substances that are found in the pipes. By using baking soda and water, you’ll eliminate the smells effectively.