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Precision door

Precision Door Guide to a Smart Garage

Precision door has been working on garages for years. In that time, we have encountered just about everything imaginable. Nowadays, people have begun to convert garages into something a little more modern. Typically, you’ll hear people refer to them as a smart garage. The point being, with one of these, you can control the garage from your phone.

Precision Door and the Advantages of a Smart Garage

However, not everyone understands the appeal of these novel innovations. What has made everyone jump at the opportunity? Well, depending on who you ask, you’ll receive a few different answers. If we had to wager a guess, the following two factors must play a large role. Without them, far fewer people would have made the conversion. That much is sure.

More Secure Than a Traditional Garage Door

On the whole, garages are among the most popular points of entry for potential burglars. Because the garages are not always left closed, on some occasions, they present an open invitation. Unfortunately, with a traditional garage, you cannot determine whether it is closed when you are away from home. At best, you could try to reach out to one of your neighbors.

On the contrary, with a smart garage, you can access it from your phone. Plus, you can even set timers to close it automatically. That way, you’ll never have to worry about the garage closing. Instead, it’ll be taken care of for you. In effect, that is one less chore for you to cross off the list.

Far More Convenient Than Most Garages

On top of that, you could set up a few automation features. For example, let’s say you arrive home a bit after 6 p.m., usually. Therefore, you could schedule the garage to open around the time you get back to the house. Once you pull in the driveway, the garage will be ready and waiting. As you arrive, there won’t be a wait. You will pull into the place smoothly. Not to mention, if you are gone, you could open the garage for someone. Thus, when a package arrives, the carrier could toss it in the garage. Instead of sitting on the porch until you return, it’ll be inside already.

What Do You Need for a Smart Garage?

Obviously, the benefits speak for themselves. So, what do you need to get on board with this yourself? Generally, you shouldn’t have to get a ton of equipment. Luckily, despite the benefits, these are relatively straightforward devices. As long as the garage works, you’ve won half the battle before it began.

A Functioning Garage Door Opener

First and foremost, the garage must function as a normal garage. Without a motor, the smart module cannot communicate with anything. Assuming things are fine, you just need something to relay information from your phone to the motor.

A Compatible Smart Module

For that reason, smart modules have been built. With them, your phone can communicate to the garage without any egregious impediments. As a direct result, you’ll gain unprecedented access to your home. Of course, depending on the motor in your garage, not all smart modules will be compatible. Since different motors utilize different standards, you should select the corresponding module. Otherwise, it won’t do you any good.

How Does a Smart Garage Work?

Once you have all the necessary parts, you just need to install them. Afterward, you’ll be good to go. At that point, it’s hard to improve upon your garage much further. Regardless, people are still dying to know how these things work. For the most part, it is surprisingly simple.

Connect to the Wi-Fi

Above all, Wi-Fi modules are the most common. These create a simple connection to the home’s Wi-Fi. Then you can see what is going on by checking things out from your phone. As long as the internet is working, you’ll have control.

Other Connection Methods

Of course, Wi-Fi is not the only method you can use. In fact, some of the most popular devices are based on something entirely separate. Instead of communicating with the Wi-Fi, some modules make use of Z-wave. This spectrum is a bit different. The major advantage would be internet-free functionality. With these, you won’t lose control even if the internet crumbles.

Before You Install One, Consider the Following

Now, before you rush off to convert the garage, it would be best if you thought about these factors. Depending on those, your approach might need to change a bit. Unless things are perfect already, waiting a bit to make the upgrade isn’t the worst thing. By putting this off until things improve, your experience should be much better overall.

Is the Current Motor Compatible with a Precision Door?

While comparing modules, ensure whatever you pick is compatible. If it isn’t, then your selection won’t be all that useful. In fact, it might as well be a hunk of inert plastic. Usually, to determine compatibility, you can check with the manufacturer. Most of the time, compatible units are right there on the box if you look. Unless you see the motor in your garage on that list, find something else. That way, once you receive it, it will actually work.

Is Your Current Garage Door in Good Condition?

Not all garages are ready for such a conversion. Suppose the garage in your home hasn’t been active for years. If that is the case, you may need to replace the motor. Before anything else, ensure it works. As long as it does, you can proceed as you were.