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Three Autumn Hazards for Your Garage Door

Many people enjoy the relief that autumn provides from the summer heat. Pumpkins, fall festivals, changing leaves and fresh apple pie are just a few of the fun things about autumn. Unfortunately, autumn also brings some potential hazards for your garage door. If you notice any problems with the door or its opener, call for prompt garage service in San Luis Obispo.


Autumn leaves that fall off of the trees are colorful and festive. However, they can cause issues for the garage door and its opener. As the leaves break down, tannin may stain the door. This can be resolved by sweeping the leaves away daily. Leaves may also blow into the garage. If they get onto the opener’s tracks, they may cause it to stop working. If the opener stops working, call a technician to check out the problem.

Overnight Cold Temperatures

During autumn, there may be brief periods when the temperature drops below freezing overnight. On sunny days, the temperatures quickly recover. However, the metal tracks of the garage door’s opener may struggle to contract in the cold and expand when it gets warm again. The door may wobble and shake if the tracks twist, warp or get out of alignment. This type of problem requires professional repairs.


Unwanted critters may get into your garage in order to seek shelter from the cooler weather. Insects could get into the tracks, chain or frame of the garage door. Spiders might spin webs near the safety laser eye, causing the opener to stop working when the laser is blocked. Birds, mice and other critters might also try to get into the garage and build a winter nest near the tracks or other parts of the opener. A technician can replace the weatherstripping around the door. This eliminates the gaps that bugs and vermin sneak through.