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Three Fun Facts About Garages That You Never Knew

How much do you actually know about garages? Sure, you may know what to look for when having a new garage in San Luis Obispo built, but you’ve probably never thought about the history of the garage. Here are three fun facts about garages that will give you a little more insight into this room in your home.

Fun facts: The Electric Garage Door Was Invented in 1921

The electric garage door that you know of today was invented separately from the garage itself. In 1921, a man named C.G. Johnson invented the sectional, electric garage door (and consequently, the garage door opener panel). It became extremely popular and five years later Johnson began offering electric garage doors in the catalog of Johnson’s Overhead Door Company.

Over 60 Percent of Homes in the United States Have Garages

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, over 63 percent of American homes have garages or at least a carport. The statistics show that the West side of the country has the highest percentage of home garages (73 percent) while the Northeast has the lowest percentage of car garages (49 percent). Judging by these numbers, it’s safe to say that garages are extremely popular.

Garage Doors Are Regulated by Federal Law

Safety became a concern with electric garage doors after a number of child deaths. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 1990 addressed this by enacting certain requirements that garage doors had to meet if they were manufactured after 1992. With these regulations in place, death by garage door is practically non-existent now so you can relax, knowing that your family is safe.