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Three Garage Door Materials that Resist Dents

Nobody wants to have a dent in their garage door. It can ruin the functionality by making it hard to slide up and down, allows air into the garage and it just looks ugly. Relatively few garage door owners ever have to worry about dents, but it’s a reasonable concern if you had dents before or if you live around many kids. These three garage door materials are best at resisting dents.


Wood is strong, durable and very resistant to dents. Even if one does appear from a hard object hitting it, the dent will be very tiny and unnoticeable. Wood also comes in a variety of colors and textures. The only problem is that the material can be on the heavier side and needs more maintenance than other materials. At the same time, this material looks beautiful and it will last for many years if you treat it right.


Fiberglass is a relatively uncommon material because it does have some peculiar pros and cons, but it is very resistant to dents. The material is made to bend slightly, but not too much, if an object hits it. It can also be molded to look like wood, metal and other materials. Fiberglass tends to let air and light in more than other materials, so it’s best for environments that don’t have extreme temperatures. It can also be difficult to repair, so be sure to get professional help if you need garage door repair San Luis Obispo.

Thick Steel

Steel is heavier than some other materials, but it gives you all of the benefits and properties that you’re looking for. It doesn’t let hot or cold air into the garage, comes in multiple colors and is very durable. Make sure that you get thick steel if you want it to resist dents. Look for at least 20-gauge steel as thinner types may dent if a stray object hits them.