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The Best Tips for Garage Door Paint Protection

These top tips for garage door paint protection will help make your paint job last longer and protect against daily wear and tear. As long as you take the proper pre-painting preparations and follow these tips, you will have a striking paint job for years.

Prepare to Paint Your Garage

To begin, make sure you have all the appropriate materials and tools to use for painting the garage. These tools and materials will vary based on your garage door style, including safety goggles, rubber gloves, drop cloth, paint rollers, paintbrush, step stool and more.

Plan to paint on a cool day rather than a hot day if at all possible. Remember to check the forecast for rain. To make the paint last longer, it is important to remove various impurities and imperfections from the door, such as rust and sand, and wash the entire surface well before you begin to paint. Keep in mind that the entire process will likely take two to three days.

Tips for Garage Door Paint Protection

Choose a paint that is conducive to the material of your garage door. Be sure to use both a quality paint and a primer to make the garage door paint last longer. It is also important to allow the primer to dry for at least 12 hours. Always use two coats of paint to paint your garage properly the first time. If you choose to wash your garage door in the future, use a mild liquid soap and a cloth, soft brush or a sponge. And when you seek a garage door repair in San Luis Obispo, be sure to only hire top professionals who will care for your garage door paint job as much as you do.