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How to Identity Garage Door Problems Using Sound

As a homeowner, how do you know when it’s time to replace your garage door? In truth, most homeowners don’t know how to identify or spot problems with garage doors. However, yours might be trying to tell you that there’s a problem. By listening to the sounds that your garage door makes, you may be able to tell when it’s time to repair or get a new garage in San Luis Obispo. With that said, which sounds should you listen for?

Banging Could Be the Result of an Imbalance

When using your garage door, hearing a lot of banging noises may indicate that it isn’t properly balanced. The good news is that an unbalanced garage door doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to completely replace it. However, it’s important to call an expert to have the door repaired as soon as possible. The longer that you leave the door unbalanced, the more damage and stress that it places on the other garage door parts.

Rattling Might Indicate Multiple Garage Door Problems

Identifying a rattling sound is more difficult because it might indicate several garage door problems. The most common cause is loose bolts or nuts within the door itself. However, the rattling sound might indicate that the garage door needs to be lubricated. Without proper lubrication, the door doesn’t glide around the tracks as effortlessly. This makes the door shake and rattle as it opens and closes. Also, the extra power needed to open an unlubricated door can wear out the garage door motor.

Rubbing Is Usually a Problem With the Tracks

If you hear a rubbing sound as the garage door opens, it might indicate a problem with the garage door tracks. The tracks guide the garage door as it opens and closes. Sometimes, they become bent and squeeze or rub the garage door rollers. This excess pressure can wear out or make the rollers loose over time.