This article will discuss three movements that your garage door shouldn’t make. If your garage door is making any of these three movements, you should immediately call a professional.

The Wrong Move: 3 Movements Your Garage Door Shouldn’t Make

Everything is great when your garage doors are working as they should. But how do you know if they are operating like they’re supposed to do? This blog post will reveal the 3 movements that your garage door should never make. If you find that your doors are making these movements, call the professionals for immediate door repair.


When your garage door is operating, it should always run smoothly. The operation should run smoothly as it’s going up and down. However, sometimes your garage door may jump, skip, sway or shudder as it’s operating. This spells trouble in garage door maintenance paradise. If you find that your garage door is running in any strange way, call us for garage door repair in San Luis Obispo.


A garage door that rattles is always a bad sign. If you or a member of your household notices that your garage door is whining, squealing, groaning and squeaking, call the garage door repair professionals. You can call the pros and tell them what’s going on with your garage door. The garage door company will then diagnose the issue over the phone.

Garage door repair professionals are experienced and knowledgeable, so you should always let them take the reins when it comes to repairing your garage door. Our repair technicians collectively have over a dozen years of experience, so you should leave the garage door repair work to us.


While your garage door should roll on its tracks most of the time, this isn’t always true. There is definitely a time and place for your garage door to roll. For example, if your garage door is running its manual mode, the door should continue to roll upwards or stay open in its current position. It should never roll back down on its own.

If your garage door is not rolling like it’s supposed to do, call us for garage door repair services. Before you know it, your garage door will stop its shaking, rattling and rolling.