The process of tackling shop-related activities in a garage will be much easier after proper lighting is installed throughout the space. Bright, bold fixtures are beneficial and practical because they effectively illuminate areas in a garage where conventional lighting products can’t reach.

Lighting Considerations for Shop Projects in a Garage

Traditional lighting configurations in an average garage are efficient, but they don’t give mechanics and shop technicians any strategic benefits during complex projects. In order to tackle automotive repairs, wood shop tasks, and other jobs in a garage effectively after your new garage San Luis Obispo is complete, proper lighting must be installed in key locations where brightness is usually low.

Entry Lights

If you like to buy shop supplies during the night, entryway lights with a motion sensor can help you haul everything into the garage in a safe manner. These lights don’t increase home energy costs because they run on solar power.

Storage Lights

In a typical garage, standard lighting fixtures don’t successfully shine light onto shelves that are positioned in the corner of the space. By investing in LED tape lights, you’ll have no problems finding wrenches, hammers, bolts, and other items that are always stored on lowly lid shelves.

If you need more illumination on the lowest shelves, considering installing a motion sensor light on the wall on the area. Motion sensor lights that are designed for interior use require a battery and shine bright white light for several seconds.

Work Space Lights

Because light bars shine brightly directly onto a work space, you can boost safety by placing these fixtures underneath the cabinets where sharp tools are stored. Light bars emit crisp, bright light that can illuminate a prep area for nearly 50,000 hours.