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10 Types of Garage Doors for Your Garage Service Southern California

For a long time, garage doors were an afterthought, and most homebuyers paid little attention to the type and style of the doors. However, this is changing with the introduction of new garage door designs, stronger and full of character. It may be time you pick a new one when you schedule garage service in Southern California. Your garage door is the first thing people notice when they are pulling into your driveway. It is crucial that you choose it carefully, as it can make or break your style and curb appeal.

There are four basic garage types, including swing up, swing out, slide to the slide, and roll-up. Additionally, these types come in various styles, and the doors are made of different materials. Common types of materials include wood, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. Here are ten types of garage doors to choose from.

Sectional Garage Doors

These are a popular type of garage doors and include horizontally hinged panel sections. As the door opens, the sections roll vertically a track, assisted by wheels at the edge of each panel. When the door is partially open, it is supported by a pair of high-tension springs which supports it from drifting. Sectional garage doors are usually made from steel. They are easily customizable to include textures, window inserts, hardware, and colors. They also require low maintenance, and you can easily install them for your garage service in Southern California.

Swing Out/Side-Hinged Garage Doors

They involve two doors that hang from hinges where they swing open and closed from the frame. The doors should be well built to resist sagging, and the length should be at least 1 foot taller than the width. These doors are ideal in regions with mild climates, as snowdrifts can make it hard to open them.

These old-fashioned doors are best for garages that have limited headroom or have obstructions. They are usually made of wood, but you can also find galvanized steel swing out garage doors. You can buy precision garage door in pre-hung steel frames, or you can fit them into already existing openings.

Sliding Garage Door Paso Robles

These sliding garage doors work in the same way the name implies. They sit parallel to the wall and hang from rollers that ride along the track. The doors were first used on garages with limited headroom but have soon involved from their intended use. They can be massive but still flexible enough to work with slight slopes in the ceiling or floor.

The length of the track is usually twice the door width. Sliding garage doors are not known for being weathertight. They have a built-in retractable motor for automation and do not need balancing springs.

Roll-Up Garage Doors for Garage Service in Southern California

Roller garage doors are commonly used in commercial spaces but can also be found in residential garages. They are high-performance and can withstand heavy usage. They can also be easily automated. Roll-up doors open by lifting vertically and then bend above the opening. This makes them a space-saving option for garages with limited ceiling space.
The door is made of steel slat sections that curl around the opening. They can be enclosed or without springs to prevent corrosion, rust, and freezing. They are usually more expensive than sectional garage doors due to their heavy-duty material. Roller garage doors are also easy to repair since damaged slats can be replaced individually.

Bifold Garage Doors

These garage doors open like closet doors. They consist of pairs of vertical sections that are hinged together to fold back against the opening sides. Bifold doors are usually manually operated and are lighter than swing-out doors. They do not open far out, and snow buildup can make it challenging to open them. There are no available remote openers for these types of garage doors, making it difficult to automate them.

Up and Over Canopy Garage Doors

These types of doors do not have sections and consist of one solid piece. They tilt up into the garage using a pivoting hinge mechanism. The door rests parallel into the garage ceiling when it’s open and goes past the front of the house.

Up and Over Retractable Garage Doors

They have a similar design as the canopy design, with the major difference that they do not extend past the front of your house. Retractable garage doors are suspended independently from the frame where they tilt up and lift into the garage. They need more space than canopy doors and are more expensive and sophisticated to operate.

Wood Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors offer a natural appearance that can satisfy any style preference. You can choose either classic or contemporary designs. There are many options offered at Precision Door Service, including cedar, fir, and redwood. Wood garage doors require regular maintenance to keep them looking great.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are durable, strong, and almost maintenance-free. They can withstand heavy impact and damage without warping, delamination or cracking. They also offer more security due to the sturdy construction. Steel can protect your property from break-in attempts.

Moreover, steel is easily customizable with a wide range of colors and coatings. This will ensure your door remains smooth with an aesthetic appeal. It also requires less repainting, making it low maintenance. Steel rarely rusts, even on tough weather conditions.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass material is lightweight and consists of an aluminum frame and sections fiberglass sections. It is durable and can withstand dents, cracks, rots, and rusts. It is ideal if you have pets and small children. Additionally, fiberglass is resistant to humidity and salt.