Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

New Construction Features to Add to Your Garage

When it is time for you to get a new garage San Luis Obispo, you might want more than just a box with a roof in which to house your car, truck or motorcycle. There are many helpful new construction features to add to the garage that will benefit your everyday life. Consider these top features that will allow you to maximize the functionality of your brand-new garage.


If you work on your car, do gardening, work with wood or otherwise do things that could get your hands dirty, consider the inclusion of plumbing in the garage. You might want something relatively simple, such as hot and cold water taps. A half bathroom with a sink and toilet could also be helpful, especially if you spend a lot of time in the garage. You may want a drain in the garage floor.

Insulation, Heating and Air Conditioning

If you spend a lot of time in the garage or have a valuable vehicle to keep inside of it, consider having the garage heated and air conditioned. When you spend hours working on your car or tools, you will be more comfortable. Insulating the garage’s walls and ceilings helps with the reduction of unwanted air exchange with the outdoors. Insulation will keep the garage more energy-efficient.


You may want to have the builders install fireproofing features inside of the garage. For an attached garage, a fireproof door between the garage and your home is essential. Fireproofing in the shared wall between the house and garage could help lower your homeowner’s insurance charges. For a detached garage, a fire-resistant roof and doors are helpful. Consider fireproofing or a sprinkler system for the inside of the garage. If you keep a valuable car or have a collection of tools, these features protect the stored belongings.