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Best High-End Garage Doors in Southern California

Replacing your San Luis Obispo garage door is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make for your home. Going for high-end garage doors in southern California is not reserved for the rich. Investing in a luxury garage door allows you to enjoy the longevity and aesthetic value that comes with these doors. This type of door also increases your home’s value. Below, we have covered some high-end garage doors that you can consider.

Thermacore® Collection

The Thermacore collection features high-end garage doors with impressive thermal efficiency and durability. These doors use a combination of steel-polyurethane-steel to maintain optimal temperatures in your garage in all seasons.

The polyurethane used is CFC-free, while the steel is corrosion-resistant. The doors also have between-section seals with thermal breaks to prevent the outdoor air from entering and the indoor air from escaping. You will find embossed wood-grain texture in these doors, making them more visually appealing and increasing their durability.

The hot-dipped galvanized steel finish on these doors has two coats of baked-on polyester paint to increase the door’s beauty and sophistication. The available baked-on polyester paint finishes on these doors include gray, hunter green, black, terra bronze, white, almond, brown, sandstone, and desert tan.

Thermacore doors also have an interior-side steel backing that increases the door’s strength, thus making it last longer. Bottom weather seals are available to provide a cushion when the door is closing. The weather seals also protect the interior from weather elements such as rain and wind.

Wayne Dalton Model 9800 Designer Fiberglass Garage Door

This door is for homeowners who like wooden garage doors in southern California. The downside of wooden doors is that weather elements can easily damage them over time. The Wayne Dalton Model 9800 Designer Fiberglass garage door’s exterior is beautifully designed to mimic wood while withstanding the rough side of nature.

The door has polyurethane insulation with an R-value of 7.6, thus preventing the indoor air from escaping and the outdoor air from entering. This helps to maintain comfortable indoor temperature levels all the time, thus preventing your HVAC system from overworking. This insulation also helps to block noises from outside, allowing you to work peacefully in your garage.

The door has a bottom water seal that prevents debris and draft from entering your garage. The door uses safety features, such as the TorqueMasters Plus Counterbalance, that protect you from garage door-related injuries by preventing the door from closing suddenly. Pinch-resistant panels are available to push your fingers away if they happen to be on the way when the garage door is closing.

Clopay Avante Collection

The garage doors in the Clopay Avante collection are made using glass panels and aluminum materials. These garage doors allow natural light to enter your garage while giving your home a modern look. These doors have durable 2-1/8” commercial-grade aluminum frames, tempered full-view glass, and polyurethane-insulated rails and stiles.

The aluminum panels finish can either be powder-coated or anodized. The aluminum frame comes in several colors, such as chocolate, standard white, clear aluminum, bronze, black, or dark bronze. Insulated glass door panels are available to improve the door’s energy efficiency. The panels you select can either be acrylic, glass, solid aluminum, or polygal finish. The door also has a polyurethane-insulated frame option whose R-value is 3.8. The available vinyl bottom weather seal prevents dirt and debris from entering your garage.

Amarr Vista Collection

Amarr Vista collection contains garage doors containing aluminum frames and glass panes. The large glass panes allow light to enter your garage, allowing you to work without using electricity for lighting during the day. The available panel configuration includes two, three, four, or five panels wide.

The doors have 2” thick extruded aluminum frames that are resistant to corrosion, durable, and require minimal maintenance. The bottom weather seal and tongue and groove section joints increase the protection against weather elements. The doors also have a ClearView Aluminum Strut system for more strength and durability.

There are up to 26 colors to choose from for the aluminum frames. You can decide whether you want the glass panes to be transparent, opaque, or tinted. There are three colors for each of these glass pane options.

Arm-R-Lite Electra

Arm-R-Lite is best known for producing exceptional glass garage doors for residential properties and businesses. The Arm-R-Lite Electra comes with a welded frame, multiple glass thicknesses and options, and custom finishes.

The ability to customize their doors to customers’ needs makes Arm-R-Lite stand out in the luxurious garage doors section. The Arm-R-Lite adopts a minimalist look while still looking elegant by including narrow stiles and rails. This design allows maximum light to enter your garage.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Carriage House 5-Layer

The Clopay Canyon Ridge Carriage House 5-Layer has five layers of insulation. These layers include composite overlay, composite cladding, steel, insulation, and steel. The composite cladding and overlay layers make the door visually appealing due to their colored and faux wood finish.

The interior insulation and layers of steel help to create a strong and energy-efficient door. There are multiple window arrangements, seven mix-and-match options, and fifteen exterior designs, making you spoilt for choice.

Raynor Aspen AP200LV

Raynor Aspen AP200LV is a recessed panel garage door that comes with NeuFoam polyurethane insulation that helps to increase energy efficiency and strength. This high-end garage door has multiple features to increase its durability.

Beautiful LuxVue windows allow sufficient light to enter your garage. You can choose from six painted or distinct wood tones. You can choose your preferred color from the nine standard colors available. You can also choose from obscure, satin, or clear glass style.

Clopay Reserve Modern Wood Garage Doors in Southern California

If you love wooden garage doors, this is one of the best wooden garage doors available. Clopay Reserve Modern Wood Garage Door is made from real wood and comes in seven designs and six wood tones.

You can choose from the nine colors available. The doors come with polyurethane insulation for energy efficiency purposes. You can also request the manufacturers to customize this garage door to your liking.

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