Emergency Repairs That Are Common on Garage Doors

Garage doors are built to last for many years and operate each day to ensure that you can have access to your vehicle and the contents of the garage. Over time, repairs may be needed due to parts that break or become worn down. If you’re unsure of when to call a professional, there are a few emergency repairs that need immediate attention from an expert.

The Door Won’t Open

You may attempt to get your car out of the garage but realize that the door won’t open, which can make it easy to be late for work. If the garage door isn’t opening or closing, you’ll need to hire a professional to inspect the parts to diagnose the issue. The repairman will also examine the garage door opener to determine if the device is malfunctioning or if there’s an issue with the battery. You’ll also want to maintain the security of your home by having it repaired immediately if it fails to close and is leaving the inside of your garage exposed.

In some cases, you may need to hire a pro to perform garage door installation is the parts cannot be repaired.

The Door’s Sensors Don’t Work

One of the most dangerous issues that can develop with garage doors is if the sensors are not detecting objects that are in the way of the product when it closes. You can easily put your family at risk of becoming injured if you continue to use the garage door while the sensors are malfunctioning.

The Garage Door Shakes

You may begin to notice that the garage door starts to shake when it’s in use, which can affect the other parts of the device and can cause them to become damaged. The door may also be at risk of falling down or becoming unbalanced, making it necessary to hire an expert to inspect the parts and determine the underlying issue.