Learn about the reasons why a garage door may open and close by itself and what the repair technician can do in order to fix the problem.

Three Reasons Why Your Garage Door Opener Is Malfunctioning

Nearly all garage doors have an opener and a remote control that allows the door to open and close with just the push of a button. If the door is opening or closing by itself, this suggests that there is a mechanical or electrical problem with the opener equipment. You can check a few things yourself, but it is always a good idea to contact a local San Luis Obispo garage service to make sure that the door is operating safely.

Faulty Sensor

Garage door openers have a laser sensor that helps to control the operation of the door. If the sensor is blocked or not working, the garage door will not open or close correctly. The sensor could be dirty or obstructed by an insect, dust or leaves. The sensor may also need a new battery.

Broken Springs

The extension springs that lift the door up and down along the tracks may also be a reason why the door is not opening or closing properly. If the door seems to slide back down after it opens partway, this suggests that the springs are worn or rusted. The springs could also have improper tension. A garage door repair technician can replace the springs to restore full functioning to the garage door.

Obstructed Tracks

An obstruction in the garage door opener’s tracks may also cause the door to slide up and down when you do not want it to. Even something as small as a cicada or a dust bunny could be enough to prevent the door from opening and closing the way it should. The tracks can be checked for obstructions and cleaned by the repair technician. If the tracks are showing signs of rust or unusual wear, they may need to be replaced. A repair or replacement of the garage door’s tracks should stop the unwanted sliding of the door.