Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

Call A Garage Door Service Technician When Your Doors Come Off Their Tracks

You should contact your local San Luis Obispo garage service as soon as possible when your garage doors come off the tracks. The tips listed below explain what can be done to keep your doors in top condition. Do not try to repair the doors yourself when you can reach a local garage door service technician.

Contact Your Garage Door Service Technician Immediately

You must contact your local garage service when you have damaged garage doors or tracks. You can hear the garage doors malfunction when they slip off the tracks, and you should turn off the garage door opener immediately. Do not try to fix the doors yourself, and do not attempt to raise or lower the doors on your own.

The Service Technician Will Offer an Inspection

When you meet with the service technician, they will inspect the doors, tracks, and opener. You may have brokers garage door panels that are causing problems, or the tracks themselves may be bent, broken, or pulling away from the wall. After the inspection, your technician will explain what must be done to repair your garage doors.

Should You Repair or Replace Broken Doors?

Your local garage door service technician will recommend repairs or replacement depending on the status of your garage doors. Damaged garage doors can be repaired if they have not sustained recurring damage over time. The doors may have slipped off the tracks because of a dent in the track. However, broken panels, hinges, or springs could cause even more problems that cannot be solved with a simple repair. Replacing your garage doors may be your only option.

Working with your local garage door service helps you bring your doors back to working condition without doing the work by yourself. You should not touch the doors, let the technician fix the problem, and repair or replace the doors as needed.