Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis ObispoTips for a Wheelchair-Accessible Garage

Creating an accessible garage is absolutely essential if someone in your family uses a wheelchair to get around. Whether your loved one has had an accident, was born with a disability or has simply become less mobile due to aging, it’s important to have the right accommodations in place. Here are some tips.

Importance of an Accessible Garage

An accessible garage is important when you have someone in the family who uses a wheelchair. Just as inside your home you need the right accommodations for your loved one, the overall garage design should also be accessible. Wheelchair accessibility allows your family member to safely go in and out without problems. They can get to their car when they need to drive somewhere and can put items in the garage or get something they need from it.

Choose the Right Garage Door

There are a few details about the garage door you choose when considering an accessible garage. When you have garage door installation done, you will want something that allows more light in for good visibility. There are plenty of options available with windows.

An accessible garage is one that includes a door that opens automatically. This means not only having remote controllers handy for quick and easy opening but the controls on the door itself being positioned low enough so your loved one is able to reach them.

The door should also be made of premium materials. The best options include fiberglass, steel or wood. For the best possible quality accessible garage, the door should include additional layers of insulation made of polyurethane or polystyrene.

Accessibility Around the Garage

In addition to the door itself, an accessible garage means having a ramp so your loved one can easily use their wheelchair to get to and from the garage. The slope must meet safety requirements, but the general rule is to have 12 inches of ramped surface is needed for every inch of rise. You must also have enough space as a ramp normally takes up an entire parking space in a garage.

The doorway that leads from your garage to your home should also be at least 32 inches wide to accommodate a wheelchair.