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How Precision Door Installers Assess Your Garage for New Doors

The most critical aspect before installing a new garage door is to get a full assessment of your garage door property. Precision Door garage door experts know that planning a garage door installation is necessary before beginning a garage service. A full assessment of your property, including the old door itself, is needed so that the property owner, such as yourself, will not be disappointed in the new door’s overall look and feel. Expert garage door servicing will leave you fully satisfied with the improvement of your home.

So how is a complete and thorough assessment of your garage door done? There are many steps that an expert garage door installer completes before they sit down with the homeowner to select a new garage door. Recommendations are made after completing these steps to be satisfied with the installation so that the homeowner and the installer will be satisfied. The steps include:

  • A full understanding of the contour, color, material, and design of the home.
  • Review of the garage door area structure and functionality of the current door.
  • Exact measurements of the garage inside and door opening to the garage.
  • Overview of what garage doors are available, including options.

Understanding the Contour, Color, Material, and Design

Installation of a garage door is more than just removing an old garage door and replacing it with a new one. Careful assessment of the property is required first before purchasing expensive garage door equipment. Expert garage installers will look at the old garage door along with the contour, color, material, and design of the overall property. Based on the garage door installer’s assessment, the installer will recommend a variety of different garage doors.

Recommendations are usually doors that have colors that match the overall color and texture of the property. For one, you and the installer will have to agree on what type of material is best. Garage door materials come in steel, copper, wood, aluminum, aluminum glass, and more. Certain materials, textures, and colors fit best for your home. Getting it right will help prevent the possibility of your newly installed door standing out in the neighborhood. Expertly selected garage door styles that fit the home’s overall contour will increase the property’s overall value.

Existing Garage Structure and Door Functionality

After a full understanding of how the garage door should look from the outside, the expert installer will thoroughly examine the inner workings of the existing door. This is necessary because there needs to be an estimate of how long it will take to disassemble and remove the old door.

The garage installer needs to take a look at the inside of the garage door to determine if there are appropriate places to drill, fasten brackets, and hinges. Old garages sometimes have a lot of flaws that need correction before moving forward. Though these flaws are rare, expert installers like to take a look on the inside to ensure that they have an excellent garage to work with. Knowing whether or not the garage is the safe garage to do an installation is one of the many important points that is taken into consideration. An unsafe garage to work with could take extra working time. Your installer will inform you if there are any hazardous areas of your garage.

Garage service in Southern California can be quite tricky. This is because many building restrictions and codes in place prevent a lot of homeowners from doing what they want to do on their property. The garage door inspection is necessary so that the installer can be confident that they can complete the job without violating any local property laws.

Obtaining Exact Garage and Garage Door Measurements

Precision knows that exact garage door measurements are needed to get a good estimate of what it would cost you to install a new garage. Before an order is placed for a new garage door, there needs to be a precise understanding of the door’s width and height. Measurements are also taken of inside the garage to ensure that tracks, cables, hinges, and motor ceiling assembly will fit inside.

Getting the measurements correct is critical in having a properly sealed door. Garage doors need to fully seal off the elements, including the climate of the outdoors. Doors that are not fitted correctly could do environmental damage to your home. This damage includes having the possibility of insects and even water damage. Climate changes to your home could occur through your garage as well. If your garage is overly cold, your home could get cold too. This could increase your electricity and gas bill substantially.

Overview of Precision Door Options

Finally, you and the garage door installer will sit down together and review the available doors. This also includes the possibility of installing the latest technology. Garage doors have come a long way since they first began. Today, garage doors can be opened by a cell phone. Garage doors do have the option of having motion detection lights on the inside of the garage. Modern garage doors also include the possibility of maintaining an indoor climate. For example, Thermo tech garage doors are good at keeping the cold and the heat outside. The thick steel frame of this door helps keep intruders out of your home as well.