Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

Replace or Repair Your Garage Door? Here’s How You Decide

When it comes to the upkeep of your home, you’re often hit with unexpected problems. Sometimes it’s best to try and solve the problem yourself, and other times hiring a professional is the only safe option. When it comes to problems with your garage door, it can be difficult to tell whether some minor repairs will do the job or whether you might need a new garage door in San Luis Obispo. Continue reading to discover common garage door problems and what they mean when it comes to deciding whether to replace or repair your garage door.

Strange Sounds and Clunky Closings

As your garage doors ages, it may start to make some strange creaking sounds that worry you or it might not close or open as smoothly as it once did. But just because your garage door has some wear doesn’t mean that you need to replace the whole thing. Most of the time, you can fix any noises by tightening up the hardware. And as for clunky movements, getting your garage door realigned can get your garage door moving smoothly again.

Minor Damage Versus Major Damage

A lot of the times when you have minor damage to your garage door, it can be repaired rather easily. If you’re missing a panel or some glass panes have been broken, that can be repaired. Along the same lines, small dents can be hammered out. However, if you have major damage, then you will want to replace your garage door. For one, a malfunctioning garage door can compromise your safety in several ways, so it’s best to replace a garage door that is badly dented, has fallen off the track, or has broken equipment.

Outdated Garage Doors

If you’re not sure how old your garage door is or if you are using outdated technology, then it’s time to replace your garage door. Older garage doors can waste energy and up your electrical bill. They can also let in the elements, such as heat and cold, which can have an effect on the rest of the house. And if you’ve been throwing a lot of money at your garage door on fixes that haven’t stuck, then a new garage door should be priority for the health, safety, and convenience of your family.