Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

When To Repair Or Replace The Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers don’t last forever and there may come a time when you will need to make a decision on whether to repair the opener or replace it altogether. If the opener starts to work only intermittently, this is a sign that the opener isn’t working efficiently. The same is true if you hear loud creaks when the door is opening or notice that the door is moving slowly when you open or close it. Once you notice these issues, make sure to repair or replace the device quickly to prevent further damage.

Potential Costs of Upgrading Device

Both options can be either affordable or costly. If the repairs are going to be costly, there are numerous garage door openers that you can find in nearly any price range. The repairs associated with the opener can be inexpensive if the issue is a small one, which is why you want to have the system checked out before you make any decision. Top-of-the-line openers with modern features can be expensive but may also provide you with convenient features that make the added cost worth it.

Overall Age of the Opener

You should always consider the overall age of the door opener. If you purchased the opener more than four years ago, you may want to select a new one. If not, it’s possible that repairs would allow you to extend the life of the device by several years. If the opener has been damaged before, this may be a sign that a replacement is necessary.

Best Option For Your Opener

The best option for you largely depends on what you’re looking for. If the opener is only a few years old or the costs of replacing the device just don’t add up, consider obtaining a few estimates from companies that provide services for garage door repair San Luis Obispo. If the opener is old and has already been repaired a couple of times, replacing the opener altogether may be your best option.