Precision Door Garage Door Repair Service in San Luis Obispo

Running a business is hard work, and you want that hard work to be protected. Therefore, it is only right to make sure that your business is utilizing the correct commercial garage doors. Here is some important information to keep in mind before purchasing.

Best Commercial Garage Doors for Your Business

When it comes to purchasing a commercial garage door for your business, you’re going to need to keep a variety of things in mind. Unlike residential garage doors, a commercial door has multiple moving parts and is often much larger. In addition, installing and removing a commercial garage door isn’t something that can be done quickly and inexpensively. Therefore, the following list includes some of the most important things to keep in mind before installing commercial garage doors onto your business.

Sectional Steel Commercial Garage Doors

Perhaps the most popular of the bunch, sectional steel doors are as tough as they come. This makes them perfect for businesses that experience high levels of traffic, such as a warehouse or transportation dock. In addition, the maintenance of them is almost non-existence. Lastly, sectional steel garage door installation is fairly quick, which helps you get back to business faster.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Although considerably lighter than its steel counterpart, aluminum commercial garage doors are still fairly sturdy. In addition, many of these types of doors come with windows installed onto them, thus allowing plenty of natural light to come into the space. This is perfect if you’re running an auto repair shop and need to see outside when customers arrive.

High-Speed Commercial Doors

You heard that right; high-speed garage doors are a choice. These aren’t high speed for people little patience but rather for the protection of the contents inside the garage. Large warehouses that contain temperature-sensitive materials use high-speed doors to ensure that the cold air inside the warehouse isn’t escaping too fast. High-speed garage doors are also used to protect the property as they can be easily close in the event that burglars find their way in, thus allowing the police to go to them before they leave.