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Garage Door Security 101

Speak to any homeowner, and most of them will tell you that home security is at the top of their list. Many will also tell you the measures they have taken to protect it as well. Alarm for when windows open, instant CCTV camera activation when someone comes up to the door, etc. However, what you will often find is that most don’t take their garage door into consideration. Here are some of the best things you can do to protect your garage from would-be thieves.

Cover Your Windows

One of the most popular features today are garage windows. Although they certainly give you garage door an aesthetic advantage, they also give thieves a chance to look inside your garage. Thus, it is important to add window covers with the help of a garage door installation company. Even if you don’t have anything of value within your garage, it still gives thieves an idea of how to get into the rest of your home.

Don’t Leave the Garage Door Open

This might be an obvious part of your safety checklist, but it is done way more than people think. Often this occurs when people forget to get something from inside their home or if they are simply keeping it open for someone who might be coming soon. Keeping your garage door open allows people to see entirely into your garage. This, of course, allows them to see valuables and entries into your home. Instead of leaving your garage door open for your spouse or other family members, you should consider providing additional sensor openers for them.

Lock From Within for Additional Security

A common mistake made by homeowners is locking the garage door from only the outside. Thieves can easily break this part of the lock and do little to prevent a robbery—instead, both the outside and the inside of the garage door. Get your family involved and make sure this is taken care of each and every night.