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Making Your Garage Door Child-Friendly With Precision Door

Most garage doors are large, heavy, and dangerous, making them unsuitable for young kids. Because they’re large and hard to move, they could crush a child as small as 18 pounds. The distance between the wheels at the top of the door (known as the headroom) is 23 inches when it’s fully closed. That measurement raises to 36 inches when it’s open, which is the same height as a toddler; this makes the garage door not only dangerous but incredibly inconvenient for those who have children at home. Here is how a Precision Door can safeguard your children from garage door accidents.

Have Precision Door Install Safety Sensors on Your Garage Door

Safety sensors installed by Precision Door help prevent accidents by detecting objects in front of your garage door, such as people or pets. If a safety sensor detects something in front of your garage door, it will stop the door from closing. You can also buy sensors that will reverse the motion of your garage door if something gets caught in it.

Teach Your Kids How to Operate the Garage Door Safely

Teach your kids how to operate a garage door safely. Teach them to always use both hands when opening and closing the garage door, and tell them not to play with the opener or the remote control. Too many children have become entangled in garage doors because they did not follow these simple rules.

Make Sure Your Garage Door Is Working Properly

The other step to making your garage safe for kids is making sure that it’s working properly. A malfunctioning garage door can lead to injuries and even death. That’s why it’s important to check whether yours is working properly at least once a year. The easiest way to do this is by hiring a professional technician from Precision Door who will inspect the door and make any necessary Santa Maria garage door repairs or replacements.

Seal Your Garage Door Gaps

Make sure there are no gaps between the door and the frame of your garage door. There should be nothing within reach of little hands that could cause injury if they tried pulling on it or grabbing onto it while playing with other toys in the garage.

You can use several different materials for this purpose — foam strips, weather stripping, or even chicken wire will work fine — but make sure whatever material you choose doesn’t allow any space where fingers could get through while playing with toys in the garage. You can have precision garage door help you with Southern California garage door repairs, including sealing the spaces.

Install an Auto Reverse Feature

Auto reverse features are usually controlled by sensors built into the track system on either side of the garage door opening. When these sensors detect something blocking their path, they send an electric signal through their wiring to stop both the opener motor and trolley so that they are able to reverse themselves back into their original positions safely before anything gets damaged or injured.

Add Safety Locks to Your Garage Doors

Safety locks are devices that prevent children from opening and closing the garage door and potentially injuring themselves or others. These devices can be installed on both sides and top-hinged doors, but top-hinged doors are more common for children’s garages because they’re usually easier for them to open and close.

Safety locks have an internal mechanism that jams when a child attempts to use them. The release button is located on top of the device so an adult can easily access it when needed. Some models also feature a childproof lock that prevents children from tampering with the mechanism itself.

Consider Purchasing a Keypad Control System

A keypad control system is a digital lock that allows you to open and close your garage door in Paso Robles with just a few taps on the touch screen. The system works by connecting your garage door opener to an electronic keypad that sits outside of your home.

A keypad control system uses radio frequency (RF) technology to communicate with your garage door opener and allow you to open and close it from anywhere within RF range (up to 300 feet). The transmitter in the opener receives information from the receiver in the keypad and then sends it along via RF waves to the receiver in the opener so it can be used as input from the user.

A keypad installed by Precision Door will help keep your child safe from the dangers of the door itself as well as from strangers. A small child cannot reach the outside keypad from the inside, so this will prevent them from accidentally opening or closing it by themselves if they get too close while playing with toys or other items on their level.

Keep Your Garage Remote Out of Reach

The garage door is one of the most dangerous things in your home because it can crush anyone who gets between it and its path. That’s why you should always keep your garage remote out of reach from your children. When you do this, you’ll avoid the risk of them accidentally opening the door while playing around the garage or house. When you hide the remote, your child won’t be able to accidentally crush themselves between the door and frame or the car, as well as other objects on the path of the door when it moves down into place.

Install Closed-Circuit Cameras

Another thing you can do is install closed-circuit cameras for child safety. Closed-circuit cameras allow you to see what is going on around your home at all times, which means that you will be able to see if there are any issues with your garage door. If there is an issue with your garage door, then it will be easier for you to fix it before anyone gets hurt or injured.

Disconnect the Garage Door Opener From the Power Source If You’re Not Around

If you have kids who like to play with garage doors and openers, disconnect them from the power source when you aren’t around. This will prevent any accidents from happening while you’re away from home or at work. You can also lock them with a keyed cylinder lock if you don’t want to disconnect them completely. Just make sure your kids don’t know where they are.

If you are looking to make your garage door kid-friendly, it’s important to understand the safety of your home is at stake. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that kids won’t be able to access your garage doors. In other words, take the right precautions and measures when installing garage door openers. It will save you trouble later on.