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What You Should Look for in a Garage Door Dealer

If you’ve been shopping for a door for your new garage in San Luis Obispo, you’ll want to select a dealer that has a solid reputation. While it might seem like this decision is as simple as finding a garage door company and selecting a door that appeals to you, the company you select can make a big difference in the quality of service that you’re provided with. There are some guidelines for you to follow that should help you find a garage door dealer that you can trust.

Is the Dealer Reputable and Experienced?

Determining the reputation that a garage door dealer has is the easiest way to identify if the dealer is worth your time and money. The company that you choose should have an excellent online reputation while also offering decent prices and fantastic customer service. Customer reviews are easy to find online and should provide you with enough references. You could ask your friends and family members if they’ve done business with the dealer in the past. The dealer should have extensive experience with the installation of garage doors like yours. Check to see if the company has received professional accreditation.

Does the Dealer Have the Right Insurance?

The dealer that you’re considering should have the proper types of insurance for their company as well as their employees. Ask them to provide you with a certificate of insurance copy that you can reference. If they don’t produce a copy of this document, consider looking somewhere else. Companies that are avoiding producing such documents are likely hiding something and aren’t worth your business.

Does the Dealer Follow Proper Safety Codes and Regulations?

If the dealer that you’re obtaining the garage door from is also going to be installing the door, it’s important that they follow proper safety codes and regulations that are required in your local area. If local building codes aren’t followed, you could face substantial fines as well as possible safety issues.