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Ways to Care for Your Garage Door During Winter

The last thing that many people think about is taking care of their garage door during the winter time. The cold weather can affect it in ways that we don’t oftentimes think of. Fortunately, we have a guide on how to take care of it that will help you take proactive measures against the cold.

How the Cold Affects It

Cold weather has the ability to cause some of the metal parts that are associated with your garage door to shrink. This is especially true for the springs and screws. This can cause problems for your door. Opening and closing can become a hassle and may cause damages over time.

Preparing the Garage Door for Winter

Fortunately, there are protective measures that you can take to protect your door from the cold. The first thing that you want to do is to inspect the door and its tracks. Stand outside of your garage door and watch it go up and down a few times. Listening for unusual sounds and spotting strange movement will indicate that something is wrong. It is in your best interest to lubricate the moving parts of your garage door. Standard engine oil will help you get the job done as well.

General Maintenance Tips

Though winter is here, you can apply these tips to help you year round when it comes to taking care of your garage door. Make sure to check the door’s balance often to ensure that it is balanced correctly. An imbalanced garage door can damage itself over time if it is not placed on the tracks correctly. Make sure to clean and inspect the surface of the garage door as well.

Dirt can build up over time and act as a hindrance on the tracks. Always make sure to remove any kind of debris or dirt from the sensors. This will prevent any kind of injuries from happening in the future in the event that your child accidentally trips a sensor. Finally, make sure you contact San Luis Obispo garage service technicians if you need help with your door. Finding the right technician will be able to help you repair your door correctly.