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Ways to Prevent Your Garage Door From Getting Damaged

We all take our garage doors for granted as we constantly use the garage to enter and exit our homes every day. However, this constant use can cause damage to happen to our garage doors. This can lead to costly garage door repairs if you are not careful. In addition to having regular inspections completed by a specialist in garage door repair in San Luis Obispo, you can follow these tips to keep costs down and prevent damage from happening to your garage door.

Remove Hazards

Older garage doors may have collision detection systems installed in them that no longer work properly. They become worse over the years as they sustain more usage. When this happens, your garage door could hit an object that might damage it if you are not careful. Make sure to remove any loose objects from around your garage door to prevent unwanted collisions.

Lubricate the Tracks

As already mentioned, your garage door is used several times each day. At a minimum, we use it in the morning when we leave to go to work, and it is used again when we return home in the evening. It’s likely that your garage door is opened even more than that, with errands being run during the day. Constant movement can damage the tracks of a garage door, where the rollers go up and down. Adding lubricant to these tracks can help prevent rust from building up, and ensure that the rollers can continue to move efficiently over time. Make sure to add lubricant at least once every 6 months to ensure optimal movement.

Schedule Maintenance

Often, the last thing we think about is getting maintenance done on our garage doors. We don’t think about the costly repairs that could be waiting around the corner. Getting regular garage door maintenance is key to ensuring that it works optimally over time. Don’t put off getting maintenance done because once your garage door is damaged, you’ll be faced with the repair bill.