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You Need to Change Your Old Garage Door Opener

With new technological advances, you should consider changing your garage door opener. You want your garage door to be safe during operation. These new garage door openers will help simplify your life as well. A professional company can install your opener and help with a garage door repair San Luis Obispo. Here are a few reasons you need to change your garage door opener.

Help Improve Safety

For most people, the garage is the main entry point for your home. You spend a lot of time in your garage space. It is important for your opener to be safe and not injure anyone. Older models only have a reversal system. When the door comes in contact with a person or an object, it reverses its direction. Most modern models have two safety systems. The reversal system is still in place for all models. Photo eyes are now used to send a beam of light between the sensors. When the beam is broken, the door will go back up.

Added Security

Modern technology can prevent intruders from accessing your garage door. DIP switch codes can be captured criminals in the neighborhood. New garage door openers are taking advantage of rolling codes. These codes are harder to intercept than previous numbers.

Remain Connected

With a new garage door opener, you can connect to it with the help of your tablet, computer, or smartphone. Some garage doors can even operate with Wi-Fi technology. You can make life easier by opening your door with the sound of your voice.

Reduce Noises

Older door openers operate on chain drives. These steel cables are the source of many clunks and bangs in your garage. Today, door openers use a rubber belt system to eliminate those annoying sounds in your garage. The old metal rollers have now been replaced with nylon rollers to reduce noise. For quiet operation, a vibration isolator system uses rubber between the brackets and opener motor to limit the noise from the product.