While you may want to consider several factors when choosing a new garage door, such as cost, ease of use, and insulation, the key to choosing a garage door that you’ll fall in love with depends on the style. Making the right choice can improve your investment return by up to 91 percent when it to selling your home because it increases curb appeal.

Carriage-Style Homes

If you’re looking for new garage doors for carriage-style homes, then be sure to consider carriage-house garage doors. While these doors usually have the appearance of being two separate doors, they actually roll up like a traditional garage door. They come in a variety of colors, allowing homeowners to easily find one to match their existing color scheme.

Victorian-Style Homes

Wooden garage doors made with short-raised panels are a wonderful choice for Victorian-style homes. These doors do an outstanding job of emphasizing the symmetrical details of a Victorian house. Since they’re made of wood, they can be painted or stained almost any color.

Ranch-Style Homes

Tri-fold garage doors look terrific on ranch-style homes because of their elongated lines. Consider garage doors that allow you to install windows that match the design features of your home. If your home has six-paned windows, then incorporate this feature on a smaller scale into the windows on your garage door.

Spanish-Style Homes

Wooden garage doors stained with alder or cedar look awesome on many Spanish-style homes. Some homeowners even choose to give their new garage doors a distressed look in keeping with the style of their home. Finish the look on these garage doors with iron hardware to give it a rustic appeal.

Regardless of the architectural style of your home, there is a garage door that will instantly increase its curb appeal. It’s incredibly easy to increase your investment return with a new garage in San Luis Obispo.