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Advantages of Having an Insulating Garage Door

Garage doors are the primary barrier between the outside and inside of your garage, which oftentimes can double as a shop or an area that is used often by you or family members. Having an insulating garage door may seem out of the ordinary, but it isn’t. Some materials that doors are made out of provide insulation naturally while other types of doors can have insulation added.

Advantages of Having an Insulated Door

The first thing a homeowner may notice is that the garage is typically more comfortable. But that is actually a result of the insulated garage door being more energy efficient. This may be especially noticeable for garages that are under a portion of the house.

In addition to the energy saving you may expect, insulated garage doors tend to provide noise reduction and be more scratch and dent resistant. This is typically because they are made out of multiple layers or a material that naturally insulates. For example, a wooden door that is heavier will dampen noise very well and because it is solid wood will be less susceptible to dents and scratches. While other materials such as copper or a thick steel tend to very resistant to environmental conditions while also providing insulation.


Everyone knows the inexpensive look of a thin aluminum garage door. They are lightweight and typically inexpensive but have the look to go along with it. A garage door made out of wood, thicker steel, copper, or other materials add a personal statement to your house. Since the garage is typically one of the first things someone sees when they pull up to your house, you can make a statement and a positive first impression with the type of garage door you have. While most materials are heavier than the aluminum garage doors, they work the same way and provide the added benefits listed above.

Choosing the Right One

Once you’ve decided on the right garage door to meet your needs, whether its for increased energy efficiency or to make your personal statement, you may want to leave the garage door installation up to pros. This is the best way to ensure the benefits you wanted to get out of a new garage door are achieved by proper installation.